It’s funny how an entire year of torment and suffering can be summed up by a single number. It’s also kind of funny how that number doesn’t show any trace of what you might have gone through- the death of your grandfather, the unwelcomed arrival of an ex-boyfriend who forces himself on you, the soul-cracking amount of pressure your parents put on you to do as well as your siblings…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the system in Western Australia, in essence, this is how it works. Year 12 is the final year of high school education, and is approximately 3 terms long, or around 30 weeks, Monday to Friday, six hours a day + after school sports etc. You do tests and assignments etc. throughout the year and you get an end of year report card. You graduate (hopefully), they give you a pat you on the back, and you spend the next few weeks studying your ass off for the Tertiary Entrance Exams- the TEE. The TEE are worth exactly 50% of your final mark. In other words, those 30 weeks of Year 12 are worth exactly the same as a three hour exam. Half your mark comes from school, the other half from TEE.

The TEE results are ranked throughout the state. Your score is compared to every other score throughout WA. Each is assigned a number, the Tertiary Entrance Rank (TER). If you have a TER of 80, you achieved better than 80% of all students who sat the exams. The highest is 99.95, because it means you’re better than 99.95% of people, leaving you as top dog- you can’t achieve 100 because you can’t be better than yourself. What university course you can get in to is dependent on your TER. For example, if you want to do Psychology at the University of WA, you’ll need a TER of 81 or higher, and must have gotten a C in English. To get into Curtin University of Technology, you need a TER of 78 (I believe) and so on.

A few days ago, the results were sent out to every student in the state. Although I’d been waiting for weeks, desperate to know how well I did in human biology, terrified to know how badly I did in maths, when the results were released online, I found I did not want to check them. It was like there was a large stone caught at the back of my neck that made it difficult to swallow. What was wrong with me? What was there to be afraid of? So, urged by my peers and family, I forced myself to check. This is what I got.

Subject Data

2007 HBIOL A 70.7

2007 ECONS C 63.8
2007 MUSIC C 62.7

2007 AMATH C 45.1
2007 ENLIT C 43.8


Minimum TER required is

Competence in English: Not
Your 4/5 subject Tertiary Entrance Rank is 82.75

Subjects used in this TER are (2007)HBIOL (2007)ECONS
(2007)MUSIC (2007)AMATH
To be eligible for consideration for admission to courses at Curtin
University of Technology you must satisfy the University’s competence in English
requirement. Successful completion of the STAT Written English will satisfy this
requirement. You are invited to sit this test. For details on how to enrol click here.

82.75. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that. I became bitter about it for a number of hours- everyone I asked from Trinity had scored in the 90’s. Liam pulled off an incredibly 98.6- I tip my metaphorical hat of +5 Respect to him. Anyway, it wasn’t a bad mark by any means, but it wasn’t a great score either.
I look back on the year and I think of all the things I could have done
differently. Why hadn’t Mrs Hird told me that "It’s better to be an A
Discrete student than a C Applicable student" at the start of the year,
rather than most of the way through? I wish I had taken English instead
of Lit- English is more applicable, with film studies and advertisement
analysis and the likes. It’s not just reading six really complex, boring
books and writing about how enlightening they are. I wish I had
remembered that performance was 50% of the final mark in music- how
much harder I would have practised!  Just a few hours of suffering could have led to a better mark, a mark which would be a permanent notch on my record to say how well I did in high school. I really do admire Liam for suffering all those breakdowns in exchange for being able to say he achieved better than 98.6% of people in the state. Why hadn’t I done that?

Useless, of course, to wish you could change the past. What’s done is done. I was absolutely dumbfounded to see they used my Applicable mark over my English Lit. And of course, having failed the latter, I’m apparently incompetent at English. So, Curtin, UWA and Murdoch universities denied me. $140 later, I’ll be sitting the Special Tertiary Admittance Test on the 5th of January with the aim of proving I can speak English. After reading about the test, I felt weak and panicky. Although it’s probably easier than I’m expecting (as Richard pointed out, I’m going up against non-Lit students), all the official language telling me what was being tested and what mark I’d need for acceptance, what procedure I’d have to take if I became ill on the day etc… The pressure made my heart race. I’ve got a week to prepare for it, so I guess I’ll be doing the best I can.

It’s funny how that number, the TER, is so very indifferent from what you might have gone through. It’s just a statistic, just an easy way of organising human achievement, which is half made up of a few three-hour exams. It’s an absurd system. Madness. The system changes next year to give less weight to the exams and more weight to the school year, but too late for me, it seems. I think, ideally, tests and exams should be eliminated, and a mark should be calculated from assignments, and from smaller assessments in the form of ordinary classwork. The teacher just decides that he’s going to make Tuesday’s classwork the assessed one without the student’s knowledge. Because they don’t know which days are being assessed and which days are not, it encourages them to apply themselves all year round and basically eliminates cramming, forcing students to use a more practical revision strategy… But I don’t know, there’s probably a tremendous flaw in my idea which prevents it from being adopted. I’d say it’s a better idea than a three hour exam summing up half your mark, though.

So that’s my entire year, summed up in a single number. Heh. Well done Liam, and everyone else who’s happy with their mark. Good luck for whatever you choose to do next year. I’ll be seeing you, I hope.

To Derrick:

D man, two things.
1. Check your guestbook on your spaces.
2. Dzeintra wishes me to pass this on to you:

"A little common sense please, when something from ANOTHER BLOG is
quoted WITH A LINK to that blog, isn’t it -generally- safe to assume
that the OTHER BLOG is by, shock horror, SOMEONE ELSE?!"

It is my belief she is irritated you posted a comment on her blog without referring to her or her writing whatsoever. I’m not too sure though- she confuses me. Anyway, cheerios. Sorry about the personal address, but this is probably the fastest way of reaching you. I’ll delete this entry, if you like, once I know you’ve read it.

“We Are”, by Dzeintra

This entry was reproduced with kind permission by Angela Johnson. Her blog can be found here.

Sometimes, there are moments in your life when you have to just sit
down, take a breather, relax, and literally smell the roses. Go
outside, right now, sit down in the shade of some tree and smell the
life around you, smell the grass, the tree you sit below, or, if you
live in a city, sit in your garden, out in your back yard, gaze up at
the sky and watch the clouds drift by. Are they white, fluffy things,
like cottonballs stuck up on a blue poster? Or are they streaks like
combed wool? Is there a storm brewing, grey ominous things grumbling
across the sky, or are there no clouds at all? Is the sky a warm blue,
or a cold one? Does the grass smell fresh, or sour? Can you hear the
run of traffic or of birds in the distance? Inhale slowly, can you
smell the sea, or the dust of the country, or even the dampness of
fertile earth?

Did you do that? Are you calmer now? Did the
eternal cycle, the patience, of nature fill you? No? Take your time,
our lives are full of stresses, full of struggle, so much so that we
have to count every single minute as it slips away from us, as though
that moment in time was too precious to let pass unremarked upon. Have
you ever stood at the window and let the hours pass you by as you do
nothing more than merely watch the world turn, the wind rustle the
leaves and shadows make their stately march along the ground? No?

think, that humans make to much of their life, everyone wants to leave
their mark on the world, have they ever considered that with so many
marks left, soon there’ll be no world left to mark? Immortality, be it
by the written word, memory, or the afterlife according to the various
religions, might not be such a great aim to shoot for. What assurance
is there, that there is life after death? Why is there the assurance
that you, or I, will go to Heaven, Hell, or even be reincarnated, but
there is not that same universal assurance that my cat has something to
look forward to, that this is all the life they get?

Why is it
that the Buddhists revere life so much that they refuse to take the
life of even a bug, and eat naught but plants, berries and seeds…when
the wolf, the fox, the tiger, take the meat they need? Should not they
revere life in –all- it’s forms? Are the predators considered evil
then, for eating the flesh of another creature, how can they be when it
is but their nature? And humans, are omnivores, they eat both plants
–and- meat, so by refusing to eat meat, which would go against the
reverence all life has, they are denying part of themselves, aren’t
they? And, even the eating of plants, requires them to die, for their
potential to regrow be snuffed out forever, such is the consequences of
life, such is what occurs no matter how much respect you pile upon the
apple you are eating….that is six or more potential trees you are
destroying, because you have to eat.

Why must everything be
measured, weighed, assessed as good or bad, why cannot it simply be?
What is done, made, is of nothing more than matter. Alcohol, drugs,
gold; these are but things, drugs are ‘bad’, alcohol is ‘evil’, gold is
the root of all greed…but they are mere things, neither good nor bad,
they just are.

Just as people are neither good, nor bad, they
just are. Sure, some are more disliked than others, but that doesn’t
change that they are. Everyone just is, everyone is the same, it’s the
choices we make that differ us, but even then, it is all we are. Not
good, not bad, just there.


Christmas at my house has never really been a big deal. We haven’t set up a tree or decorations for seven years now, we’ve only given the scant gift within the household and Dad likes to rant about not celebrating at all to further emphasise the sacredness of Jesus’ birth. That said, it’s been a good day. To me, Christmas is no longer about the presents. It’s no longer about baby Jesus. It’s not even about family or togetherness. I guess the spirit has run dry in this little corner of the world, but to me, it’s just a day to be nice to everyone and to have fun, be happy together. And that’s just fine in my eyes. So all of you, have yourselves a merry little Christmas, and give your family a great big hug when you read this! Go, right now!!

My celebrations? Mass yestereve was surprisingly delightful. I haven’t been to church for… well, longer than I care to remember, more than a few months at the very least. Seeing everyone again was lots of fun- I wasn’t alienated at all for leaving them to the hounds. Lots of jokes were told, lots of mingling was done. The church was so packed Father Steve called all the willing children to come sit around the altar to free up the pews. He brought his dog along, dressed up in its own little Santa-coat with bells and hat. Adam told me it normally wore reindeer horn (things) instead. The poor beast was abused, petted, and pushed for the better part of an hour by a crowd of horrendous five-year-olds. For some reason, it kept looking at our double-bassist, a 14-year-old girl named Erin, who was getting freaked out. Periodically throughout the mass, a little blonde girl in a pink dress kept yelling things out, like, "You can’t do it, only I can!" and "That’s Santa’s dog you know! That’s Santa’s dog you know!!" At one stage, Fr Steve asked the kids around him what Christmas is about. Jesus, family, forgiving.
"Forgiving? Or for-giving?" he asked rather wittily. Everyone except the kid cracked up laughing. He continued preaching for a bit then ended up asking them why Jesus was so special.
"Because he makes things!" one boy suggested. "Oh? What sort of things?" Steve asked. "…Toys!" the boy beamed. Once again, the congregation lost it.

Today I’m dressed in the ceremonial garb of our island- a green tunic passed down from our ancestors since the dawn of Time. Not really! But we’re making gingerbread -I’m sorry, I mean ninjabread cookies and a roast turkey. Even though I’m vegetarian, we’ve only ever attempted the big roast bird thing once before, and it turned out pretty revolting. This year Eugene’s taken things into his own plans and is whipping up some massive recipes so a delectable treat. I don’t particularly condone ripping its organs out and stuffing it with, well, stuffing… The novelty of it is quite exciting, even if it puts me off a little! The ninjabread cookies are far more animal-friendly and are a surprising amount of fun. The texture, the smell, the very sight! Oh I tell you, it excites all the senses at once! As Jack pointed out, it sounds particularly incredible. Like a symphony of soft, gooey murmurs!

Tonight I trek to Bethwyn’s house for the last time in 56 days. That’s seven weeks people! She’s busy tomorrow, and leaves for Europe the day after to return on the 4th of February after a five week holiday. The very day she returns, I embark for Malaysia and Thailand to celebrate the New Year in ‘Cheng Mai‘. I’m not yet thinking about it, I’m just looking forward to seeing her again today. Meep.

Well, season’s greetings everyone. Live the dream, share the love.


WAI-con ’07

So! Here it is, a week overdue. WAI-con 2007!

One of the greatest weekends of the year, I was so very, very excited when I finally found the convention centre. Maybe one in ten people cosplayed as someone, and maybe one in six people were wearing Naruto headbands, myself included! Finally, an excuse, ya? That’s what they were thinking, and they all knew it.

I was blown away by all the merchandise- I actually brought spending money this year, and I blew my budget by quite a land slide. From memory, these are my purchases.
Rurouni Kenshin (Volumes 2 and 3)
-Rurouni Kenshin messenger bag
Devil May Cry 3, Special Edition.
Sabaku no Gaara tee-shirt (Gaara of the Desert/Sand waterfall)
Autobots tee-shirt (from Transformers)
-Portrait of myself, sketched by Alex.
-Two laminated prints, one of Sephiroth, one of the Naruto gang.
-Three bookmarks (Sephiroth and Naruto related).

Finding those pictures so wasn’t worth it. Anyway. I spent ~$190, which was far more than I had intended, but that Gaara tee-shirt, I tell you. And the messenger bag! So happy <3. When did I get so materialistic? Listen to me, I’m like a babbling teenaged girl. So I spent a whole lot of cash that I didn’t know I had, am ~$600 in debt to my Mum for all the money she’s lent me, and Coles hasn’t told me when I’m working, even though they accepted my application. Suss.

Anyway, I was telling you about WAI-con, wasn’t I? First up was the 4 vs 4 Super Smash Bros. tournament, the one I won last year. Over two hours of blood, sweat and nerd tears later, I worked my way up the ranks. I kept running over to the next room to *try* to watch Katie-chan’s J-fashion panel (concerned with the fashions of Japan, lolita in particular) but I only caught short-minute glimpses of it between battles. Gomen nasai, Sanyu-sama! However, I did kick some serious ass. In the grandfinals, the top four players, were myself, Jack, a player named Josh, and a player codenamed Fuckface McGee. Jack came up with the name, but seriously, the dude gets on everyone’s nerves. Pretty decent at Smash, but an asshole in general. Jack faced off with Fuckface, I was paired up with Josh. Recalling last year’s close battle against Link I mentally prepped myself. Josh seemed eager- was he that keen to die?

Turns out Josh is the greatest Smash player I’ve ever met. We both started with three lives, I ended up with zero, he ended up with a total of 61% damage. The guy was incredible. Just landing a hit made me cheer. Everyone watching was like, "Duuuude, Falco’s getting his ass kicked by Peach!" And I was like, "Yeah, thanks ya bastards, why don’t you give it a shot?" But seriously, Josh deserved the cup. He got $150 to spend at Gametraders, I got a Mario plushie. I have no regrets.

The next day was the 1 vs 1’s, and who did I end up fighting first round? Josh. We were having a rematch, it seemed. Four lives each, I battled fiercely but got my ass whooped pretty bad. I took off two of his lives along the way, and felt great about it, so it’s all good! He ended up winning the 1 vs 1’s, too, which meant an extra $150 at GT’s. The guy’s awesome. And if that wasn’t testament enough, Jack and I challenged him, together. Four lives each, Final Destination, Runner up and 3rd place took on the champion. Josh won yet again. With two lives to spare. It was freaking incredible. But anyway, that was the smash tournament!

There was some truly fantastic cosplay this year. I have a bunch of pictures, but I can’t find the cable to connect the camera to the computer, so I won’t upload them for a little while. The announcers, John and Eugene (what the?!) were great too. They seriously made everything a hilarity issue. And the theatre… Magic. The venue was incredible.

At the very end, during the closing ceremony, they had some auctions. Not just raffles, but actual auctions. The winning ten minute sketch from the Quickdraw Art competition was sold for $115. It was a fricking ten minute sketch, that any half-decent artist could have popped out. But it gets better. A Final Fantasy potion was sold for ~$180. The last box of giant pocky was sold for $140. The last box of ordinary, standard run-of-the-mill pocky was auctioned for $80. When I told Willow about it, she laughed and munched on her $0.60 box which she bought at the deli. Some crazy shiz, let me tell you.

Other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot to the convention! Shopping, cosplaying and anime. I only watched the movie Lupin III, and ignored the dozens of other anime screenings that went on. Dad’s yelling at me to get off now, so… Guess that’s it for WAI-con ’07! Hopefully I’ll be cosplaying next year. Ciao, anime-lovers, or bored anime-not-lovers! Keep an eye on the photo-albums for some truly wicked pictures!

101 in 1001

Basically completely stolen from Lee’s blog, the idea is that 101 tasks should be completed in 1001 days, or ~2.75 years. The goals don’t have to be impossible (they have to be doable), but they do need to be completed. Lee had a great idea, which I will also jip, and for every task undone, I will donate $5 to charity. Tasks I have yet to do are in bold. The list begins henceforth.

1. Sponsor a child.
2. Offer to buy a homeless person a meal without being asked.
3. Do 10 chin-ups.
4. Read a non-fiction book.
5. Get a job.
6. Meditate every day for a week.
7. Draw a picture.
8. Go for 40 hours without eating.
9. Watch all the Lord of the Rings films in a row.
10. Write a letter to someone I’ve never met in person.
11. Go to an art gallery.
12. Go to a museum (wax or otherwise).
13. Not talk to anyone for a whole day.
14. Have a real sword fight.
15. Hug a stranger.
16. Get into uni.
17. Visit a Buddhist temple.
18. Go on an Edmund Rice Camps for Kids WA camp.
19. Give $300 or more to India.
20. Go rock climbing.
21. Take a massage course.
22. Pass four of the Zelda games.
23. Campaign/protest/rally against something.
24. Dress-up for some reason.
25. Attend a yoga or tai chi class.
26. Sit in the city and write stories about interesting people.
27. Rip an apple in half with my bare hands
28. Have a drum lesson.
29. Climb in through a window rather than use the door.
30. Play laser tag.
31. Celebrate Day of the Ninja.
32. Eat a whole apple, even the core
33. Watch at least three episodes of "24".
34. Go to the movies by myself.
35. Learn first aid.
36. Watch a documentary.
37. Get drunk.
38. Do the Wii Fitness test 100 times.
39. Buy a work of art.
40. Become an official member of Amnesty International.
41. Go to a real party.
42. Go to the zoo. Pay homage to the penguins.
43. Get my P’s.
44. Have my tarot read.
45. Take someone out to lunch.
46. Make something out of a cookbook.
47. Hold a hand stand for 5 seconds.
48. Try aikido.
49. Visit Katie’s house.
50. Pass Final Fantasy X.
51. Pass every song on Guitar Hero III, all difficulties.
52. Read (or at least skim read) all of the Childcraft books.
53. Watch at least three new animes.
54. Play Dungeons and Dragons.

55. Hug a male.
56. Re-learn all the Hiragana characters.
57. Learn Morse Code.
58. Play a game of poker.
59. Get "Age: 20" 100 times in the Wii Fitness Test.
60. Catch a train to somewhere I’ve never been.
61. Ride a pony.
62. Taste Dr. Pepper.
63. Solve a rubics cube.
64. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
65. Watch the third season of Heroes.
66. Go to a play.
67. Try archery.
68. Run up a downwards escalator.
69. Give someone a bouquet.
70. Try a dessert I’ve never heard of before.
71. Learn three new piano songs.
Learn the language Al Bhed.
73. Wear contact lenses.
74. Learn 100 new words.
75. Get a pet dog or rabbit.
76. Punch someone in the face.
77. Learn calligraphy.
78. Give a waiter/waitress a tip.
79. Learn to cook
80. Sit an IQ test.
81. Go ice skating.
82. Join a gym.
83. Officially start learning another language.
84. Go overseas.
85. Ride a bike to the city (or somewhere equally painful).
86. Cosplay for an anime convention.
87. Walk somewhere that takes more than an hour (on foot) to reach.
88. Buy a CD from a busker.
89. Do a front flip or barrel roll.
90. Sit down in a park to read a book or write a story.
91. Donate blood.
92. Enter a competition.
93. Write on every single page of my 2007 diary.
94. Get a zippo lighter.
95. Attempt to drink an egg.
96. Read a magazine from cover to cover.
97. Ride a roller coaster.
98. Buy a doll from Oxfam.
99. Take swimming lessons.
100. Finish reading the rest of the Rurouni Kenshin manga.
101. Go to Scitech.

I tell ya, it took me half an hour to come up with the last ten. It really gets hard towards the end there. Anyways, if anyone can help in any way, I’d appreciate it. Once again, kudos to Lee for the idea. My 101 in 1001 begins on the 10th of December, 2007, and will conclude on the 28th of September, 2010. Wish me luck.

EDIT: 68 has been changed from "Get a boxing bag" to "Run up a downwards escalator".
EDIT: 25 has been changed from "Go to a real party" to "Attend a yoga or tai chi class".
EDIT: 101 has been changed from "Do the splits" to "Go to Scitech".
EDIT: 73 has been changed from "Get contact lenses" to "Wear contact lenses".
EDIT: 41 has been changed from "Throw a shuriken" to "Go to a real party".
EDIT: 98 has been changed from "Pay back all my financial debts" to "Buy a doll from Oxfam".
EDIT: 66 has been changed from "Voluntarily go to some kind of performance (eg. circus, concert, play etc.)" to "Go to a play".
EDIT: 51 has been changed from "Pass every song on Guitar Hero III, all difficulties" to "Pass every song on Guitar Hero III, Hard Mode".
EDIT: 40 has been changed from "Get a state alchemist’s pocketwatch (from Fullmetal Alchemist)." to "Become an official member of Amnesty International."
EDIT: 80 has been changed from "Write a play" to "Create a postal stamp".
EDIT: 35 has been changed from "Read all of Sunshine’s blog" to "Learn first aid".
EDIT: 31 has been changed from "Celebrate the International Day of the Ninja" to "Celebrate Day of the Ninja".
EDIT: 80 has been changed from "Create a postal stamp" to "Sit an IQ test".
EDIT: 21 has been changed from "Obtain all the Animorph books" to "Take a massage course".
EDIT: 99 has been changed from "Touch a celebrity" to "Take swimming lessons".
EDIT: 82 has been changed from "Sleep outside (preferably under a bridge)" to "Join a gym".
EDIT: 71 has been changed from "Learn to juggle bowling pins/knives/flaming torches" to "Release an arrow from its bow".
EDIT: 79 has been changed from "Go to a shooting range" to "Learn to cook".
EDIT: 85 has been changed from "Use only chopsticks for every meal for three days" to "Ride a bike to the city (or somewhere equally painful)".
EDIT: 14 has been changed from "Have a real sword fight with bokken or shinnai" to "Have a real sword fight".
EDIT: 83 has been changed from "Wear a cape/cloak for an hour or more" to "Officially start learning a new language".
EDIT: 71 has been changed from "Release an arrow from its bow" to "Learn three new piano songs".
EDIT: 52 has been changed from "Eat a whole apple, even the core" to "Read (or at least skim read) all of the Childcraft books".
EDIT: 54 has been changed from "Help an old lady carry her shopping/cross the street" to "Ride a wheelchair".
EDIT: 65 has been changed from "Make a shirt" to "Watch the third season of Heroes".
EDIT: 38 has been changed from "Spend a whole day in the library, from the hour it opens to the hour it closes" to "Do the Wii Fitness test for a month straight".
EDIT: 38 has been changed from "Do the Wii Fitness test for a month straight" to "Do the Wii Fitness test 100 times".
EDIT: 61 has been changed from "Ride a horse" to "Ride a pony".
EDIT: 48 has been changed from "Join aikido" to "Try aikido".
EDIT: 27 has been changed from "Start weight training" to "Rip an apple in half with my bare hands".
EDIT: 32 has been changed from "Look at all the new deviations on my deviantART account" to ""Eat a whole apple, even the core".
EDIT: 54 has been changed from "Ride a wheelchair." to "Play a game of Dungeons and Dragons".


Hey folks, morning!

Blah. So I haven’t been writing recently, and I haven’t had a particularly good reason not to, but seeing as it’s been… a while, I think two weeks or more, here’s an update. Of those two weeks, I’ve only had one full day at home, and that was yesterday. Since the conclusion of the TEE, I’ve been seeing all my friends and going to the occasional appointment. Mainly though, I’ve been half-living at Bethi’s house <3

I’m really interested in the idea of a 101 in 1001- Lee’s idea, full credit to her. Speaking of which, I’m still worried. Why haven’t you contacted me yet? Don’t keep putting it off, please! Anyway… Yeah, I’m hoping to do a 101 in 1001. Most importantly, I need a license (from the day I get my L’s, the timer will start. By that day next year, I will have my P’s. Or so I hope), and a job. All of a sudden money has a purpose. What’s with that?

I got a PS2 three days ago. Mrs Stewart, the head of Religious Education at Trinity, bought it for me. Every year, TC has a 10km ‘fun’run where they run around the bridges and get people to sponsor them for it. I put away $20 every week from the start of January to the time the money collection was due. 35 weeks later, there are a lot of happy people in India. I took a photo of all the money I had before put it in an envelope and left it on Mrs Stewart’s desk. Anyway, the person who raises the most money traditionally gets an iPod, but I called up and told her just to donate the money. I’m one of those freakazoids who don’t listen to music, so one iPod I use every few weeks is quite enough for me. She insisted on acknowledging me somehow and a few days later she suggested a digital camera, which I don’t need either. She gave me a few days to think about it, and what did I come up with? A PlayStation 2 of course. When she handed it to me I couldn’t stop hugging everyone. A very happy moment in my life. So now Final Fantasy has opened up to me at last, and I’ll be spending a few hundred dollars on games instead of saving children. *sigh* Wai-con’s coming up too, that’s another reason to spend. And of course Christmas- this is one of the first times in my life that I’m getting people presents for Christmas. It’s not really celebrated in this house so it’s not customary for me. You know? I need a job.

Dear oh dear, I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. No seriously, I have to pissbolt otherwise I’ll keep Katie-chan waiting at the train station. So that’s my life right now! Busy busy busy and somewhat broke broke broke. Ah well, as long as I don’t idle. Like I’m doing now. Hold on Katie-chan, I’m on my way! *flies off into the horizon*

Peace, <3 + r&r