To Derrick:

D man, two things.
1. Check your guestbook on your spaces.
2. Dzeintra wishes me to pass this on to you:

"A little common sense please, when something from ANOTHER BLOG is
quoted WITH A LINK to that blog, isn’t it -generally- safe to assume
that the OTHER BLOG is by, shock horror, SOMEONE ELSE?!"

It is my belief she is irritated you posted a comment on her blog without referring to her or her writing whatsoever. I’m not too sure though- she confuses me. Anyway, cheerios. Sorry about the personal address, but this is probably the fastest way of reaching you. I’ll delete this entry, if you like, once I know you’ve read it.


One thought on “To Derrick:

  1. Derrick says:

    OK got it, but i had read her post on your blog already, you see. which means i replied to her post on your blog, and replied to your comment on her blog… convey my apologies? didn’t mean to be rude.

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