Occupation: Adventurer. Tales from Oblivion

Dear blog,

Things in my life have been chugging along as always. Pretty soon after I got back from China I knuckled down and started looking for jobs for the first time. I applied for around a dozen or so places that suited me perfectly, and for which I was a perfect candidate. Of course, I didn’t get any of them, and I didn’t hear from most of them- I just don’t get why I wasn’t hired by any of the companies I applied for. Perhaps I’m being arrogant, but I would have kicked ass at any of those jobs, and it’s their loss for overlooking me (if they even looked at all, which I am beginning to doubt). Getting increasingly more desperate as time went on, and after a massive internal struggle about the purpose of life and the value of work, I begrudgingly applied for some retail jobs at small businesses- I have enough of a moral standard to avoid selling my soul to the capitalist megacorporations of the world in exchange for money. Fortunately, all of them glossed over my applications too. Finally, and after weeks of arguing back and forth with my mother, I decided to apply for Government income support. Unfortunately, being a bureaucracy, none of my calls got through so I went down to a Customer Service Centre to sort it out. After waiting in line for half an hour, the man at the desk gave me a card and circled the phone number I’d been trying and told me to keep at it until someone answered. In despair, I called my future housemate Adam, the spearhead of the Hero Base Project (our new home), who also recently became a manager of a video games store. As fate would have it, he was looking for a casual worker, and was hoping that I (or another person he had in mind) would call. And so, just like that, fate dropped a job in my lap and told me it would be okay. It will be interesting, to live with my boss, and I suspect that it will have its unique challenges, but I’m so grateful to have a source of income to look forward to in an area that I’d reasonably enjoy working in.

Speaking of video games, that how I’ve been  spending most of my days lately. I guess I could very loosely try to call it research for my upcoming job, but I’ve recently been addicted to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, an aged but amazing first person role playing adventure game. I got absolutely obsessed with its predecessor Morrowind (still one of the greatest games of all time in my opinion), and I’m stoked to play its successor Skyrim (which my brother has recently started, only exciting me further). Perhaps I’ve been playing a little too much, but the world is so vast and so full of wonder, discovery, peril and treasure. So I’m going to share some of those moments with you, for no reason other than I can.

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