New Year’s Resolutions

Right! New Year’s. It is now the year 2006. I completely freaked out when I first realised that. "What a wretched number!" I thought to myself. Two double oh five to the max! Regardless, one cannot stop time, no matter how hard he tries, and here we must face a New Year. Like a new day, except rarer. What are our plans for the year? Let’s take a look, shall we?
1. Meditate frequently enough to make stress a rarity. Not so much last year as the two years before that, but I used to lose sleep (and arguably, the colour in a few rogue strands of hair) over late assignments and big tests. I won’t let that happen, by
2. Completing all assignments a week before they’re due, if possible. Absolutely no slacking off, with the excuse "Ah, it’s the weekend at last. I have two days, I’ll do it right after this."
3. Re-prioritise. Family before friends. I haven’t realised just how much Mum does for me, and even though Eugene can be a thoughtless son of a bitch, I love him all the same. I’ve been doing pretty good at this one, but for the new year, I’m going to do as well as I can.
4. Be known as Mr Nice Guy, to someone, somewhere, somehow. I guess I’m just sick of being known as "The crazy psycho Asian".
5. Read up on Chinese proverbs, and act likewise. "It’s not about anger; it’s about peace" sort of thing.
6. Get a bloody six-pack.
That just about concludes my New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps I’m too tired, but it seems a tad bit shallow. Nevertheless, these six (may add to the six later) objectives are now my challenge for the year.
As… [EXPLETIVE DELETED!] Er… censor that. *goes back and edits*
I just realised something. I have broken a tradition I have kept for four or five years. Write a diary entry on the last day of the year that thanks my diary for being with me through the Good, the Bad, and Everything Else. I feel very, much disturbed that I could forget this year. I don’t know, Christmas and New Year don’t seem like big things to me anymore. And I tried sending an SMS to everyone to finish the SMS I sent on Christmas at midnight.

Christmas: "Merry Christmas and"
New Year: "a Happy New Year!"

Unfortunately, I can’t send SMS’s for some reason, so I guess the message is left unfinished for all time. Ah well, I tried. That’s what counts. At any rate, I’ve also forgotten to hunt down a new diary for 2006. It’s another tradition to write a page introducing myself to the book, and what whoever’s reading it should expect to encounter. I’ll see to it tomorrow, if any decent shops are open on Sunday. I really shouldn’t have left it til now. Curses! You know what. Add a number 7 to the list.

7. Be punctual, to start over like you used to. No forgetting about important dates, either. And you know what?
8. Keep your word, and don’t you ever break it again unless you ultimately have to. Near death experience is all that can save you. You’ve broken enough promises to last a few lifetimes.
Liiiiiiiiittle bit cranky, so I’m going to sleep now. I may have to edit this in the morning. Good night, and have a blessed New Year.

An Exercise

I was just struck by a bolt of inspiration that allowed me to articulate so eloquently. I scribbled this down as quickly as I could, picturing it as a small segment from a story. I want you, the reader, to tell me your impression of this middle-aged, timely chap I have created. I get the impression he wears a suit and lives in the England we knew some fifty years ago.




It was a habit of his to leave mugs of water, still half full, in most every room in his household. He would sip from them frequently, almost leisurely, to ensure he did not get a sore throat. It also made him confident his body was in good shape by consuming the necessary eight glasses a day.

It was only so often that he would wash the glass rather than refill it. He didn’t like to use ordinary glasses, for his fingerprints would make the water appear dirty. No, he was much more comfortable with re-filling his mugs. Which mug he used depended on his mood- a plain but dependable mug when he felt comfortable. An embellished, intricate mug when he felt complicated. A heavy, round mug when he felt lazy.

For a time, he used bottles to preserve the purity of the water, but soon the task of removing and replacing the bottle cap became far too tedious for his likes, and he reverted to his old ways; raising the cup, sipping, and setting it down again.




Your impressions?

A trace of Silver

My Pokémon Silver game. Originally, I did spend about 300 or so playing it, and had captured all 251, including Celebi and Mew. I was training a team of exceptionally rare Pokémon (Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Mew and Celebi), all of which were closer to level 90 of 100.
That was a long time ago. I recalled at some point that that particular game had been unfortunately deleted, and so I thought I would start afresh. Unfortunately, being the fool I was, I did not check to see if my memory had failed me, and just started over. I could very well have sacrificed those 300 hours for nothing, but it’s too late for that- New Bark Town! Totodile, I choose you!
So it was I began my journey, once more, of finding the strongest Pokémon in the land, and uniting them under my control. I decided that I would create a team of Scythers- excellent attack and speed, and a flying and bug type, as well as being able to learn various moves which gave it an advantage over, well, most everything. In addition, they could learn False Swipe, which could take a Pokémon down to 1hp, but no less. Perfect for capture tactics.
My team was brilliant. Swiftblade, Quickblade, Bladancer, Sharpblade, Deathblade and Sharpclaw. Something along those lines, at any rate. I had put so much into raising them, and then one summer’s day, not so long ago, I discovered it was all in vain.

"New Game.

Where was the "Continue"? After a moment of shock and horror, a moment of "Good Lord, it’s the apocolypse!", I blinked, and screamed 
"I spent 468 [aprox. probably more] hours on you!" I cried, hurling the cartridge at my pillow. My entire team of elite Scythers, spearheaded by Sharpclaw, had been… What word could I use to describe this crime? Obliterated.

The Perfect World

I am partially worried about my mental health.
I met someone who didn’t like people who "pretended to be smarter than they were" on RuneScape. He was from the US military, and I argued with him for a little while until he logged off. He didn’t want to listen to the squawking of a 15-year-old who would get a BMX for Christmas when he had to pay for it with his own blood.
I asked Captain Jamus what he thought of the military. Amazing people with enormous courage, that risked their lives for others. I replied that it was at the cost of those on the other end of the gun. One human’s life is as valueable as any other’s, to a general extent.
I said that retribution doesn’t solve anything. If you punch a guy, he’s going to punch you back, and you both wake up with bruises. He said that it’s not so much punching you as punching your mother. Then you would punch back, for your mother’s sake, or the best friend he just shot. I argued that if there were no reason to punch your mother, there would be no reason to punch him.
My solution is that there is no military. The billions governments spend on weapons can be focused on healthcare, welfare, ending poverty. If we had one single uncorrupted government placed in charge of ruling the world, they could redistribute the wealth so that 20% of the world doesn’t have 90% of the resources. There’s enough food on this planet for everyone to gain weight. It’s just hoarded up with one fifth of the world’s richest countries.
But then, if Utopia was reached, there would still be problems.
Firstly, population growth. So many people wouldn’t starve to death, or die of starvation-related diseases. So many wouldn’t be killed by war, and Earth’s population would shoot far beyond stability. I don’t think it’s reasonable for someone to put population restrictions on an area. I have no clue how that would be solved.
Quick example. If there was a bacteria that doubled every minute, and it started at one in a test tube full of food, it would only take so long to fill. Say the test tube was full in one hour. At 59 minutes, it would be half full. At 58, a quater. 57, an eighth and so on. If the bacteria suddenly realised around the 50th minute that they were going to run out of food soon, and somehow the greatest scientists produced even three more test tubes full of food, everyone would rejoice. "Hoorah! Four test tubes of food, we are saved!" Unfortunately, at the 61st minute, two test tubes would be gone, and by the 62nd, they would find themselves without any food left.

Fortuantely, Earth isn’t quite like this. Our planet can regenerate itself if it’s taken care of properly. However, I think the population might prove to be a bit of a problem, even if the bacteria slowed food consumption and increased multiplication. Well, one solution would be to wipe out half the population and re-educate the survivors, but that would be a pretty nasty solution indeed.

Secondly, there’s the saying "You can’t please everybody." Some ignoramus, who wasn’t aware of the greater good, would find a problem with the system. That is, unless of course, nobody was an ignoramus. However, rebellion would probably be inevitable, and with the entire military of the world disengaged, they would be unchallenged if they somehow came into possession of weapons of destruction.
I believe rebellion could be repressed somewhat like how Big Brother managed to control the world and re-write history. Not to such an extent of course, but enough to educate everyone properly how "The suffering of one is as nothing to the suffering of many." So many would life if they could only be united instead of try and kill each other.
I had many more ideas about this, but they were all summarised in this entry. It’s gotten me thinking about what’s wrong with the largest portion of the world, and worst of all, I don’t know what else the public is ignorant of. Mm… We’re living in a messed up reality.

Dreaming, again again again again.

I had a rather interesting dream last night.
I was an assassin of some sort, as often I am in my fondest dreams, but I was seriously out-matched by a Japanese man, I now realise was named Shigeru. That part of the dream was probably influenced by Tales of the Otori, a book about ancient Japanese clans. At any rate, I had a small child with me, whom I was protecting for some reason or another. That was probably influenced by King Kong. At any rate, the kid somehow managed to get the guy’s sword (a katana, of course), and of course all my fear of having my ass kicked suddenly evaporated.
I attacked quite nervously, not seriously wanting to hurt him, but he didn’t even flinch as the sword cut into his stomach and sides. I drove it into him and everything, but he just explained what I was doing wrong, and that I should try harder. I twisted the sword, embedded in him, and wrenched upwards to cut him open, but it didn’t seem to affect him at all. Backing away, I just sighed and turned the sword, hilt first to him, and he took it.
"For a painless death, that still allows you to time to talk, drive it through the neck." To demonstrate, he aligned the blade with my adam’s apple and thrusted it forward. He walked away, the kid having vanished, and I was wondering how long it would take to die. I suddenly realised the second half of the sentence, and called out to him.

"I’m trusting you to take care of her!" The assassin’s silhoutte in the doorway just kept walking, for he had become Solomon.

The rest of my dream was nonsense. Willow was depressed that King Kong had left her, so Ivy became a lesbian to cheer her up. Stacey was teaching my PE class, and I stepped out of bounds or something in the equivalent of dodgeball, so she yelled at me to leave. In my fury, I returned to the empty Gym and meditated in the office. I awoke incredible powers, and a Tibettan monk explained to me what I could do. I became something like the new Buddha, or at least a super priest, and then explained to a theatre full of university students why chocolate eggs had the equivalent of 10 roast turkey’s worth of fat in them. I then woke up, wondering what the hell was wrong with me. Anyways, first part of the dream where I got to use a katana was the fave. Peace out.


I just found out one of my closest friends, Jen, has Multiple Sclerosis. My initial prayer was typically grief-stricken and tragically whispered.
"Lord… be with her."


Then I realised that she wasn’t praying for herself, like I prayed for her. She had no self-pity or regrets. She has even said her life was a blessing. I realised something, and continued.
"No… Lord, be with me for being so blind."
Life always has blessings, if only you bother to see them. Rather than mourning for what you don’t have, it’s much more positive to take the time to smell the roses that you already do.


I’m going to look into MS- an intractible disease that deteriorates the nerves. Currently, Jen’s left side has been affected slightly, and fatigue is a constant symptom. Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen to her, but as soon as I get the chance, I’m going to join in the Multiple Sclerosis Read-a-thon- a reading competition that raises funds to cure MS. I used to do it all the time when I was a kid, and I haven’t heard word of it for a few years. Maybe I can track it down some time.

*sigh* Lord be with her, and more importantly, those who love her.