Christmas at my house has never really been a big deal. We haven’t set up a tree or decorations for seven years now, we’ve only given the scant gift within the household and Dad likes to rant about not celebrating at all to further emphasise the sacredness of Jesus’ birth. That said, it’s been a good day. To me, Christmas is no longer about the presents. It’s no longer about baby Jesus. It’s not even about family or togetherness. I guess the spirit has run dry in this little corner of the world, but to me, it’s just a day to be nice to everyone and to have fun, be happy together. And that’s just fine in my eyes. So all of you, have yourselves a merry little Christmas, and give your family a great big hug when you read this! Go, right now!!

My celebrations? Mass yestereve was surprisingly delightful. I haven’t been to church for… well, longer than I care to remember, more than a few months at the very least. Seeing everyone again was lots of fun- I wasn’t alienated at all for leaving them to the hounds. Lots of jokes were told, lots of mingling was done. The church was so packed Father Steve called all the willing children to come sit around the altar to free up the pews. He brought his dog along, dressed up in its own little Santa-coat with bells and hat. Adam told me it normally wore reindeer horn (things) instead. The poor beast was abused, petted, and pushed for the better part of an hour by a crowd of horrendous five-year-olds. For some reason, it kept looking at our double-bassist, a 14-year-old girl named Erin, who was getting freaked out. Periodically throughout the mass, a little blonde girl in a pink dress kept yelling things out, like, "You can’t do it, only I can!" and "That’s Santa’s dog you know! That’s Santa’s dog you know!!" At one stage, Fr Steve asked the kids around him what Christmas is about. Jesus, family, forgiving.
"Forgiving? Or for-giving?" he asked rather wittily. Everyone except the kid cracked up laughing. He continued preaching for a bit then ended up asking them why Jesus was so special.
"Because he makes things!" one boy suggested. "Oh? What sort of things?" Steve asked. "…Toys!" the boy beamed. Once again, the congregation lost it.

Today I’m dressed in the ceremonial garb of our island- a green tunic passed down from our ancestors since the dawn of Time. Not really! But we’re making gingerbread -I’m sorry, I mean ninjabread cookies and a roast turkey. Even though I’m vegetarian, we’ve only ever attempted the big roast bird thing once before, and it turned out pretty revolting. This year Eugene’s taken things into his own plans and is whipping up some massive recipes so a delectable treat. I don’t particularly condone ripping its organs out and stuffing it with, well, stuffing… The novelty of it is quite exciting, even if it puts me off a little! The ninjabread cookies are far more animal-friendly and are a surprising amount of fun. The texture, the smell, the very sight! Oh I tell you, it excites all the senses at once! As Jack pointed out, it sounds particularly incredible. Like a symphony of soft, gooey murmurs!

Tonight I trek to Bethwyn’s house for the last time in 56 days. That’s seven weeks people! She’s busy tomorrow, and leaves for Europe the day after to return on the 4th of February after a five week holiday. The very day she returns, I embark for Malaysia and Thailand to celebrate the New Year in ‘Cheng Mai‘. I’m not yet thinking about it, I’m just looking forward to seeing her again today. Meep.

Well, season’s greetings everyone. Live the dream, share the love.



One thought on “Ninjabread

  1. Bethwyn says:

    rawr. I’ll try and stay in touch as much as I can! I swear it!! I love you. <3

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