My mantle is free!

I don’t normally blog about my day, because to be quite honest my days usually aren’t all that interesting. But in a rather delightful change of pace, I had a perfectly lovely day out with Bethwyn.


After the morning fitness class, I went to Bethwyn’s house and had a cold shower and breakfast. Although I had planned to do my morning ritual and get ready for a day in the city, I had slept poorly during the night due to a rather gruesome nightmare and I really needed to sleep. My half hour nap turned into a two hour one, which Beth bore with dignity and patience (and just a little irritation). But after a groggy start and some sweet piano tunes (I’m surprised at how well my fingers remember the keys even if my mind doesn’t), we started shuffling along.

We hit up the library to return some books, then dropped into the local health food store to buy some rather obscure gluten-free flours (in order to make gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free cookies!). They didn’t really have what we were after, but we were hoping that Kakulas Sisters in Fremantle would have the ones we needed. The problem was getting there: it became quickly apparent to me that Beth was running out of health and energy, and that the long journey there by public transport might be more than she could weather. After a quick conference, we decided to drive, and I managed to get us reasonably close to the city centre with only a vague idea of where we were going.

Our destination was some kind of Sacred Food restaurant she had discovered on the internet that catered for vegan and gluten-free diets. It was a long, long wander, and we got distracted by Kathmandu on the way (I LOVE KATHMANDU). As we got progressively hotter, tireder and grumpier we managed to happen upon the street, but couldn’t find the building. Having finally given up on our half hour search, we decided to eat in a cafe we had passed along the way. After ordering the first edible-sounding items on their limited menu, we discovered that this really was the cafe we had been searching for and it had changed its name. The burgers were mindblowingly amazing (Beth had several lingering foodgasms during and after the consumption of said burger) and the juice was delicious and voluminous. High off the deliciousness of it all, we swaggered down the road and bought some ski-gloves for my upcoming trip to London, then wandered leisurely back towards the Blue Buddha.

Along the way, we were drawn into a Cold Rock ice cream store. As a kid, I remember watching the add and getting really excited about smashing stuff and putting it in ice cream. Even though I didn’t particularly crave it, I pulled Beth in anyway to see the magic. Unfortunately no magic was being made, so I rectified it by ordering a cheesecake ice cream with Kitkat, Mars bar and cookie dough. It was amazing, though I’ll probably steer clear of the Mars bar, whose caramel solidified into a delicious mess (which I drooled all over. God I love ice cream. But wait, aren’t I vegan, you ask? Well yes, except for my one designated non-vegan meal a week (more on that another day).

The Blue Buddha we discovered didn’t have any blue lace agate, which I had promised to buy for Bethwyn having lost her previous crystal. The shop was modestly small with a really friendly French girl who served us, but lacking the goods, she directed us to the bigger Blue Buddha around the corner. Hoping to make it our last stop, we decided to hit up Kakulas Sisters first, which is one of my favourite stores in the world. All the organic, super healthy food invigorates me just by being around it! We found all the flour we were after, despite how arcane and obscure I thought it would be, and left as happy campers.

The Blue Buddha around the corner turned out to be massive, and we marvelled over the crystals (fire agate felt hot in my left hand and cold in my right hand. Weird, right?) and drooled over the oracle cards. I was fascinated in particular by a deck that featured Asian warriors and beauties of all descriptions with startling imagery and compelling expressions. I went through each card, captivated and enchanted, and Beth ended up getting it. I’m keen to pour over the art in closer detail and admiration in the near future.

Finally, nearly four hours later, we decided to make the long trek back to the car. But what should greet us along the way? Donuts. Hot, freshly made donuts, served right out of a caravan by a guy who might have been slightly racist. And they were freaking delicious.

What a wonderful day out! So many highlights <3 Hope you’ve all enjoyed your hump days, too! Take care everyone.