I feel like making an entry. First of all I’d like to say, as much as I tend to… find reasons to "dislike" Pete, I pity him terribly. He hasn’t talked to Raph for a week and the depression is starting to make him weak. By that, I mean he’s willing to tell me about it, which is a second. I’d say he’s almost soft enough to tell him that I’m sorry without him throwing it back in my face.

On the plus side, yesterday I bought myself… wait for it… A katana. No, not a real one. If it were a real one I’d scream and hug it for life and never let it out of my sight for longer than I had to. I’d probably sleep holding it. Nevertheless, I have a plastic katana about a foot and a half long in a black plastic sheath. It’s more than enough to entertain me, because the basic shape is the same, even if the length, width and weight are difference. I can practice my sabre techniques now, if only I had someone to spar with, and could move it fast enough so it doesn’t bend lol. Nevermind, a katana is a katana, no matter how bad. Wee to the Japanese! (despite the fact it was made in China).


Mm, I’ve got alot to do, I had better get going. This sucks. I spent Tuesday catching up on my economics and today catching up on my science and I haven’t done any of the work that goes with the study, I’ve got like… ah I feel like swearing. Damnit I’m off, because I’m procrastinating right now, and I can’t afford that. Toodles.

Another revelation

Just struck with another revelation. An all boy’s school is ever so relentless.

You can never show any sign of affection unless you’re really popular. You can pat people on the back at best, but you can never give them a hug or talk to them about anything personal unless you know they’re people like you who understand it’s all so useless. There are rules to living in an all boy’s school, and it’s oppressing me. Sometimes I miss Ivy so much I get overwhelmed and sitting next to my friends really makes me just want to hug them for a little while in hope they’ll understand.

Just this morning I was massaging David’s back for no particular reason and as soon as Pete noticed:
"Are you gay? You are aren’t you. It’s okay, you don’t have to hide who you are anymore." Alex joined it, probably one of his
"Pssst! I think he’s gay!" whispers to Pete.
"I think he is. It’s okay John, we all want to be accepted." Blah blah blah. Has anyone got any maturity, depth or heart at all? Mr Smith I trust would but I’ve yet to find the time to talk to him. Brilliant man Mr Smith, I really admire his collected well of patience, I feel I can draw from it some times. Well, another time then, toodles.

More abstract!


You know. Everyone reckons it’s stupid to have a blog. That’s because they don’t have blogs. Just because I type at least 5 times faster than I write. I’d go with about 6.4 anyways. It’s not like I don’t have a diary (though I rarely use it), but stuff them all. This is my blog, I don’t particularly care if they read it, though I do wish they wouldn’t. If they’re disinterested, then why should they bother? Nevermind.

Mm, let’s see. Tomorrow is Good Friday, that means no MSN, no games, no pop music (pssht) or TV or anything. In all honesty, I look forward to it with great anticipation, minus the fact it’s more than 24 hours without talking to Ivy. Nevertheless, I really needed the excuse to not be distracted by the endless free time of the weekend and just get down to solid work without any time wasting. Of course, we all know this is impossible being the brilliant procrastinator I am, but I plan to bloody well try. In addition, there’s no school until Wednesday meaning I’ve got a gazillion years to catch up on everything.

Meanwhile, (lots of random junk to say), we had to hand in our Project Compassion boxes today. They’re basically donation boxes given to us at the start of lent, almost 40 days ago now. I’m a strong believer in helping the poor, but something tells me a lot of people would look down upon me if I just sold everything I had and went to live with them. It’s not fair for people to be rich when 10 000 people die of world hunger every day. Anyway, I donated $95.60, which is about twice as much as the second highest, and about 10 times as much as what everyone else put. I don’t particularly mind the statistics, but on reflection, I shouldn’t have put my name in that stupid receipt form inside the box. I can’t resist filling out those "Name, Address, Phone number" questions. Arr, bunch of people think I’m rich now, I don’t want to publicise that.  If it becomes a big deal, then I would have done it for the publicity. I just want to help the people who live off a bowl of rice every day.

Anyways, this was a while ago but I never bothered writing. Maths class, some poor sucker’s phone started ringing this rock’n’roll tune. You could hear "Oh shit!" come from the front of the class lol. Mr Quatermaine, also head of our year, said "Spec-tacular! Bring it here." He handed it over. "You can have it back at the end of the day", and everyone was like "Oooooooooh! Naughty boy!" Heh heh heh, I tried not to join in. Poor guy. "See me at the end of class."
I stuck around to hear what Mr Q. had to say to him.
"Why the hell would someone call you?" "I don’t know sir." "Well why do you have your mobile on you?" "I was late this morning, I just grabbed it and went. I didn’t have time to put it in my bag." "Well, right. Don’t let me catch you with it again, or I’ll confiscate it for a week. Put it away. Now." "Yes sir. Thanks."

Ah, poor bastard. Guess what the message said? "Hi honey, I miss you… Chu. I feel sad, but I’ll be all right later. Hope you’re having a good day. I love you John <3" or something along those lines. Yep, that was me. On the plus side, he gave me an elastic band with it because he strapped a note saying it was mine. I used it to fire at Pete ^^

Another distant memory. It just came back to me a couple’a days ago, been meaning to restore it for no particular reason. Back in Year 7, 3  years ago or so, I remember Jessica and I were talking about magic. She didn’t believe I could do magic (which I honestly believed I could- I could curse people) and said she could. She made me run faster, saying a quick rhyme that went something like "Wind beneath your feet, swift and light, run faster through the night." Despite the fact it was day. Anyway, I said,
"I don’t believe it." And I took off, sprinting at what I considered light speed and skidded to a stop, by turning my feet sideways (y’know how the ice skaters do it?), in front of Katrina. I remember the dust clouds from the dry earth, and it was at that moment, I believed I could outrun Roadrunner. Yay to psychology and the feeble minds of children.

Aaaaanyways, I should probably get going. If you’ve read this long, you have my kudos. Toodle doo then. Au revoir, until another time.



Aaah things have been up and down a bit lately. There have been a few big downpoints in my life, and though now I can say "Be a Christian John. What would Mr Smith do? Think of what matters most [love] and practice it.]" Now when I’m being overloaded with work, people are yelling at me, I’m constantly aware of how busy I am, that’s when I start thinking "I’m really in the mood to kill someone." More often than not, I’ll grab someone by the throat or something along the lines. People are always "You wanna fight bitch?" And in those moods, I’m generally "Yeah, bring it on!" And then I’ll scare them, because it’s always the little guys that challenge me lol.

On the plus side, there’s been a load of great stuff too. I’ve been laughing a lot, amongst the bouts of depressed longing and general angst. For instance, debating. Our topic this week is "Slanderous advertising against politicians should be allowed." Mr Redden, our coach, thought it was against. We were trying to bounce ideas off him.
"What about freedom of speech?"
"Yeah, that’s good, except you shouldn’t use the words freedom of speech. That makes it sound like you’re supporting it."
"But we are sir. That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you."
"… Shit." *bites pie* "Shit, I need Alex."

Another wonderful, wonderful thing is; WATER POLO SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!
That means no more anti-drowning lessons. No more speedos, no more wet ass every other day, no more diving threats, no more being teased for sucking major-time in general, no more nothing. I’m free. If Mr Scott makes me dive by the end of this year, I’ll freaking track him down and eat his car. Anyways, it’s over. As promised, I said;
"Excuse me. I have something I need to do." Walked to the edge of the pool, pointed at the water and yelled "HA HA! I SURVIVED!"
No swimming pool is going to overcome me. It also means I can eat recess on Wednesdays and Fridays! ^^
Heh heh, I remember swimming along the side, after about 70m I was like spluttering.
"Damn water polo! Damn my weakness! Damn – Mr Scott! Damn-nation-to the-world!" *splutter choke cough gurgle drown*

Ahhh yeah, more stuff to ramble about! "Sir, have you seen Mr Scott?" "That’s me." "No, the other Mr Scott." "Oh, the less handsome one?" "Yessir, that’s him. He’s in charge of hockey." "Nah, haven’t seen him." "Okidokie." Then muttering under my breath "Ya ugly git." Later that day…
"Sir, do you know if Mr Scott’s here?"
"Yeah, he’s right over there son."
"No, I mean the other Mr Scott."
"Yeah, he’s right there in the corner." *knocks on glass office door*
"Is Mr Scott here?"
"What does he look like?"
"All I know is that he has glasses. And he’s in charge of hockey."
"The less handsome one sir."
"Oh yeah! That’s right John, ahhh heh heh. You see? This bloke knows his stuff."
"What do you think of that Mr Scott?" (One teacher asking the others)
(They reply) "Ah, yeah I think he’s orright."
"Okay then, whatever." (Me!) *leaves and walks down the stairs*
*Mr Scott follows* "John!"
"That was Mr Scott!"
"… You know sir. You could have told me."
"I was trying to!"
"Gah…" Yayza to glasses, downza to ugly gits. Meep meep! Lost? Good, me too.


Ahh gotta go, catch up later. Ciao bananas~

EDIT: And I’m back. Hm, on reflection there doesn’t seem much else worth mentioning. There was my epic struggle for my hockeystick though. Eugene decided he wanted to play with it, but because it’s such a precious position we wrestled for some half an hour with teachers walking past, one of them handing me my glasses case. Nice lady, I was lying on the bricks trying not to die. Nevermind, as long as I had my glasses case. I was really pushed to my physically weak limits, but hey, I tried. Suffered one hell of a lot and failed in the end, but I tried nevertheless. It’s always something to try.

I love Ivy to the death. She means more to me than chocolate means to you. Not that I don’t like chocolate or anything, no offence to all those chocolate lovers out there. Eeeeeeeh I’m gonna go now. Laters~

PS: I love Ivy

Time’s running out

Mm, I just thought I would make a blog entry for the sake of it because I haven’t in a long time.


I’ve had a lot of things to say, none of which I’ve found the time to exercise. *sigh* I’m busy. Lots of work, no tests yet but just generally busy busy busy. I was looking forward to this weekend and all the time I would have but almost half of it it gone. I might be a little too pressed to do all of it, or any of my to-do list. Damn procrastination. I should get going.


DAMNIT! Time is getting increasingly short and I just discovered I have to go to Church. Can I afford that time? Damnit! *sigh* It’s so mindless, I find there are other ways to get in touch with God. Mm…… I’ll take a leaf out of Mr Smith’s book and just relax and be open to change. If I ever need an example of a Christian, Mr Smith is the perfect one. Okay, I’ll just have to organise my time better. Well, tick tock, time to fly. Ciao.


I always have to negotiate with him, and he always has to order me. That doesn’t seem right.

It came to me when I was lying in bed after Eugene yelled at me to stop playing on the Gamecube and put on a DVD for him, though rightfully. We’ve got an agreement I put on DVD’s for him and he doesn’t overly violate my personal space. If he had been playing a game, I would have talked to him about how he would take and when I could watch whatever, but he’s not of stature to show the same courtesy. It’s just not right is it?

I know it’s a small matter, things like these shouldn’t have any affect on me, but I just don’t think it’s fair.


Anyway, I should get going. There’s not much time to waste, tomorrow I have to have a debating speech to compare and re-write it with the rest of the available team tomorrow. I’ve got two reasonably important tests on Tuesday, and time presses on for my ability to study. I have to get down to it, and I’m leaving for a concert in half an hour, so tick tock tick tock. Mm, so much I want to say, so little time to say it. I wasted today. I’m such a fool too, but regardless I decided I would watch the DVD’s we borrowed and play the games we got. Gah. Hopeless fool… Aren’t we all deep, deep, deep down? Oh come off it, admit it, you are too. Such a strange generation. Meep.

Okay, I should leave, I’ve kind of lost the plot here. Mm, talk to you later I suppose.