There’s just something so strangely appealing about being insanely tired all day and then staying up ridiculously late to finish assignments before going to sleep around 2:30 in the morning and getting up four hours later for uni. I don’t know why, but I kinda love it.

Like a swan

Ice skating with Bronwyn/Sanyu/Craig today! I love ice skating and this trip was long-anticipated. It was freezing at first but after five minutes I couldn’t feel the cold- probably ’cause I went all numb. I played limbo (I don’t think I’ll ever beat the kids who are, like, 2 feet tall) and scarecrow (I had an amazing stack or two where I obtained some pretty mighty battlescars) and generally skated around the rink.

One of my great flaws is my competitive nature. I know it’s awful and there are more important things than a claimed victory, but I love racing people and comparing my skills/results with them. I’m working on this humbleness, but it is slow. If anyone can help me by cutting me down a notch or two at something I consider myself good at, please do. I spent a lot of time showing off today, which is a little uncharacteristic. It felt good to be good, but empty and perhaps insulting to my friends and company. I apologise to you all- please don’t think I’m a jerk! But on the plus side I did get a little more practice with my ice hockey stops- I’m not quite confident enough to use it in the heat of battle (split second direction change in scarecrow, like that dastardly red hatter) but I’m getting there. Bronwyn taught me some new tricks which I’ll have to practice- skating on one leg, going backwards (slowly but surely). It’s always a pleasure to be on the ice.

There were also some semi-cosplayers there… A lass in an Itachi Uchiha cloak and headband, and a few of her friends wearing a Naruto tracksuit, jumper and kitty ears. I wish I could be that awesome.

Thanks for coming today everyone! I’m always so exhausted after ice skating for some reason. Drained beyond description might be a good way of putting it. It’s Heroes and sleep for me, heigh ho!

Serendipitous destiny!

I got my wallet back! There was a knock on the door around 10:50am, a sharp little rhythm that I thought my brother had invented it. I answered, still in my pyjamas with my stupid bedhair and there was a policeman standing in front of me asking if I was John Marshall. I shat myself for a second and got ready to resist arrest by cracking his sternum with an iron palm- (not really, I like to pretend)- but on closer inspection he was a railway transit officer. He asked me if I’d lost something, and I answered yes, my wallet. He handed it to me and I died of joy. We blessed each other with Happy Easter’s, I waved happily at the waiting transit car and giggled madly when I shut the door.

Funny thing is, all my cards and money is still there, except for the $20 which I had hidden. However, I did find a note saying "I TOO $ 20 FOr rewarrds". Keep it my friend, you’re more than welcome to it. I’ll be sticking that note in my happy memories box.

Have a good day everyone! Happy Easter~!

Inserendipitous fate

To my slight irritation and mild misfortune, I’ve lost my wallet. It was the Gaara wallet Bethi gave me for one of our anniversaries- 10th month I think. I believe I left it on my lap at either Maylands or Claisebrook train station and it fell off without my noticing as I was reading. I’ve called Transperth’s lost and found but the answering machine picked up because apparently the office is too busy during peak hours. As if 7:30 on a Saturnight is peak hour. Anyways, I’ll wait awhile to see if they get back to me and if there’s nothing within a week I’ll move on with my life.

Just for my records, here is a list of what I believe was inside.

-Money ($39.60, I believe, $20 of which was hidden).
-Bank card.
-Coles/Myer discount card.
-Possibly Flybuy’s card.
-Gosnells library card.
-Student card (with ~$8 of printing credit)
-Proof of Age card
-Photos of Bethi and I
-Discount vouchers for Timezone -sorry Craig :(
-A.S.I.A card.
-Gametrader’s discount card.
-House key
-Student edge card
-Smartrider (~$1.00 credit left)
-Sticker of a puppy, held together with love.

Hm, seems I lost more than I thought. Most of it is replacable- I’ll be glad to get a new library card and smartrider. The student card, Coles discount card and Proof of Age card might be slightly harder to replace but the rest I’ll leave, methinks. Ah well, I was hoping for a wallet with a coin section anyway. Lately (these past few months, about a year perhaps) I’ve accepted faultless loss as inevitable and spent little energy mourning it. What cannot be changed will not be, but to avoid its repetition is a gift in itself. It’s sad that it happened, but not tragic and through little fault of my own. Ah well.

If only I could be as collected when I lose the opportunity to see Dragonball Evolution :P
Sorry for kicking up such a fuss today baby. I’m glad we got to spend time together, and I’d love to see it with you next week.

So after spending maybe an hour and a half getting home from Bethwyn’s, I met a man- Wilson- from Fiji at Claisebrook. He’d lost his passport at the station a few weeks ago but it was returned to him safely. With that, we chatted awhile and ended up talking about the different kind of people there are in the world. Almostly shyly he mentioned that Australia was much safer than where he was from- Fiji and South Africa. There the people used black magic to get back at one another. He told me a story about his close friend who had stolen from his brother. His brother had consulted a shaman who requested some soil from where the theif had stood, and from that cursed him to die. Within a week the man was dead. As Wilson was telling me this story he kept turning his head away and making a sound- Pah!- like he was spitting the evil words from his mouth. I myself felt like making the sign of the cross or exclaiming "Avert!" as they do in Earthsea to ward off evil. Wilson claimed he was a prophet- that the dead visited him in his dreams. He was a strong Christian, close to Jesus, and black magic could never harm him. And I believed him, too. Something about the seriousness of his voice, the conviction, cunning and reverence with which he spoke made me believe him. I should probably mention that I did smell alcohol from him and he did told me he liked to go clubbing which marred his credibility a little. But he had a cross tattooed on his forearm so that has to count for something.

All in all an eventful evening. Time to unwind, methinks. Take care y’all, and don’t go crying about spilt milk if the forces of the universe are bent on spilling it.


An anti-climactic end

I’ve, more-or-less, left Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan. I say more-or-less because it seems too sudden to be definite or permanent. I woke up this morning, realised my monthly membership expired, and have decided not to renew it after all. My feet suck after basically ripping the skin of the soles from training too much, they’re worse after this evening’s session, it’s costly, Ross pretty much hates me. He’s generally an arse, anyway. I don’t have a real goal or purpose for training and I’m just tired of it. I’ve learned most of what there is to learn in terms of techniques and tricks, so I’m moving on.

I still owe my mother $250 (which should take me 2-4 weeks to pay off if I stop spending entirely) and I’m just poor. I’m thinking aikido, a more peaceful solution to meeting my martial arts needs, is for me at the moment. We’ll wait until I can afford all the equipment, insurance and training fees before picking anything new up. So for the moment, Wii Fit will be my main source of exercise over the coming weeks.

I am so very tired. Good night.