An anti-climactic end

I’ve, more-or-less, left Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan. I say more-or-less because it seems too sudden to be definite or permanent. I woke up this morning, realised my monthly membership expired, and have decided not to renew it after all. My feet suck after basically ripping the skin of the soles from training too much, they’re worse after this evening’s session, it’s costly, Ross pretty much hates me. He’s generally an arse, anyway. I don’t have a real goal or purpose for training and I’m just tired of it. I’ve learned most of what there is to learn in terms of techniques and tricks, so I’m moving on.

I still owe my mother $250 (which should take me 2-4 weeks to pay off if I stop spending entirely) and I’m just poor. I’m thinking aikido, a more peaceful solution to meeting my martial arts needs, is for me at the moment. We’ll wait until I can afford all the equipment, insurance and training fees before picking anything new up. So for the moment, Wii Fit will be my main source of exercise over the coming weeks.

I am so very tired. Good night.


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