Umbilical Tethers

The bonds of the Past
Cannot be cast.
Invisible, immaterial,
Indestructable, ethereal.

We are born from it.
We cannot be without it.
Even when it restricts us.

No scissors or blade
Can sever the tether
Of what once was.

All we can do
Is strive to be
Who we choose
In spite of history.



Joining hands, bound together

Overlocking links of flesh and chain,

Hidden bracelets in plain sight

Never faltering to ask the world.

Masks of bravado aside, to want

All and nothing. An unreasonable


Silence – enough to hear the beating

Heart of imprisoned freedom.

A wasted pain, a cherished joy.

Lonely, yet together;

Love’s barbed embrace.

“The Vampire Bat”

“The Vampire Bat” (2006)

Angry bats cry Death Eternal! Fangs glisten, hungry. Instinct joins kill, laughing. Murder; no obituaries. Predators’ quietude, rapacious screams. Thundering ululations, venomous wings. Xenophobic, yet zealous.