Life again, again, again. Yes, again.

EDIT: Firstly, to Pete. I apologise. There was just that one single grey strand of hair peaking out from the hundred thousand others, daring me to take it. I couldn’t help myself, it was just too irresistable. Though it’s entirely my fault, I still think you could have avoided swearing loudly at me and drawing attention. Mr Presser was in a grumpy mood that arvo, I hadn’t wanted to piss him off further and avoided asking questions. Noticed? Probably not. Nobody notices what I do (keeping quiet) until I don’t do it. Nonetheless, I apologise to Pete, Mr Presser, and anyone else whom this entry offends.
After consulting the most intelligent person I know (no offence to everyone else, but in comparison, most of y’all stupid dumbasses =P), I have reached another conclusion.
After a lonely and determinetal day at school, thinking restlessly to myself, I have realised that we’re all incredibly insignificant to the universe. That doesn’t go to say we’re not important to ourselves. Life is the one shot at happiness we get, and so there’s no point in moping around and complaining about how we’re all going to die, because we’re all going to die and complaining will have been a very unproductive way of spending your time. Nonetheless, those of us who feel like they don’t care about what little time they have to be happy, well, good for them (not literally, fool!). It’s their life, so long as they don’t take other people’s happiness away. If they do, well, that’s the sad, but there’s always a balance. Happy, sad. One cannot exist without the other.
At any rate, consulting Mr Mueller (who gave a one period [hour] lecture without saying "Um" once, digressing but still covering everything we needed and more with concise and impeccable delivery) has lead me to think that the meaning of life is to live. While this is an unsatisfactory answer for most people, there’s no singular answer. There’s no checklist in life. It’s like a journey- more important is the journey itself than the destination. Another example is what is the goal of friendship? There is none, really. Life is life. Make what you will of it, find meaning for yourself. You experiences will shape your answer, so you alone must realise it.

Life, again.. again.

In all fairness, this is just a general question. I’m not being spiteful, I’m not being happy-go-lucky, perhaps a touch apathetic, but nothing more. My question is this.


Why is it important to live? More specifically, why is one individual life supposedly important when there are more than 7 billion of us?


Honestly, if you were to die right now, the world would keep spinning, and life would continue. Those who knew you would weep for you, and we would miss you, but life would go on. So really, why is it so important to make sure someone does not die? Why are people more worried about the death of a king who never did anything than the death of the 25 000 children alone that die of starvation? One every 3.47 seconds. One child every three and a half seconds, and nobody cares. Whereas $1 is $20 in another country, and in that other country it only costs $1 to save a child’s life, most of us do nothing. I do nothing. I can’t spare 5 cents to save a child.


Honest to God, what’s stopping me from selling everything and giving it to the people who really need it? I don’t need anything in my life, because compared to the rest of the world, I will not make all that much of a dent. If I was the next Hitler, sure, I’d get some attention, but really? Life isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t mind death, because nobody else would mind all that much. So long as someone remembered my  name, I would be happy that I’ve made something of an imprint of myself on the Earth. But really? It wouldn’t matter.


I guess in a way, life has no meaning. You live, you die, someone else lives and remembers you, and they die. We live to die, and though our population is forever growing, there will come a time when none of us will live. The sun will explode at the very least, swallowing us in a black hole with massive catastrophic destruction that will eliminate every trace of our existence or something along the lines several million years from now. I don’t think humanity is willing to wait that long to meet their own destruction- they’ve certainly hurried the process a long a bit by trashing the environment and letting poverty flourish. Nevermind. Everyone will die sooner or later, in theory, and nothing will matter. Macbeth said it well.


"Out, out brief candle! Life is but a walking shadow, a lowly player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." Something along the lines of that. It ends with "signifying nothing." Really, it’s rather strange we’re all caught up with unfinished homework or not having enough money to go on holiday once a year. If life really does have any meaning, you may as well make it yourself by ensuring everyone has a good time. Be kind.


Captain, if you’re out there, you told me you knew the meaning of life. I could use a little help here.

The twelth strike

If you had until midnight, this very day, before you met death’s door, what would you do? Honestly. Don’t pretend, don’t imagine or fantasize, visualise. You’re going to die in a number of hours. What do you do?


When you face death, your view on life becomes so different, because you do not live to see the morrow. You don’t have the face the consequences, or likewise, you cannot stay to relish the results of your actions. Either way, what would you do?

Got an itch?

It is a basic law of man-kind to scratch when he itches. Many of us have a stereotypical lack of modesty about it too. Gentlemen, be warned. This entry may cause a disturbance in the force. The following information may cause severe nausea and potential vomiting. Brace yourselves.
You know that itch? That’s really microscopic bugs biting and digging their way through your scrotum to reach your testicals. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Sweet dreams, gents.