Hello hello hello hello hello there!

It’s been exactly a month since my last update. What have I been doing in all this time? Not a great deal, really. Blogs are fairly pointless in my opinion. Unless you’re a genius, or a comedian, or have some other magnificently redeeming trait, no one’s hugely interested in whatever it is you have to say (unless they’re being polite and keeping up to date with your posts). I was planning on shutting down my blog, but there’s a whole lot of history here that I’d rather not delete, so perhaps instead I’ll just post infrequently.

Most of the stuff that goes on in my life isn’t worth writing about. This I realised from a combination of Georgie’s comments, self-awareness, and other people’s blogs. Nevertheless, here’s a quick summary of the past four weeks.

  • Still questioning whether social work is the course for me. I can’t imagine what else I’d do (neither human biology nor psychology seem quite as appealing as they were now that I know what uni is really like), but social work kinda sucks.
  • I’m giving myself more work than I need to. I never really look at the big picture, so I never really think about the necessity of the things I do. I’m quite thoroughly behind on all the reading and assignments I’ve got, but honestly, I’m not going to bother. I’ll get my assignments in, on time if possible with as best a mark as I can manage, and be done with it.
  • For those of you who don’t know, Bethwyn and I broke up on the 16th of April, 2008. Essentially, we were neglecting our commitment to study and assignments in order to see each other, putting unnecessary academic pressure on our backs. So we broke up to get ourselves together.
  • On the 17th of April, we got back together because life sucked without the other in our lives. We wrote a Constitution, a set of rules/guidelines, that basically say that we can’t see each other unless we’ve done all our work. Even though it means we see each other once or twice a week, or less, it’s far better than not seeing each other at all, I think.
  • I’ve resolved to play a video game for at least one hour, every day, minimal exceptions. Because my list of games that I own but haven’t played/finished numbered 37, I’ve decided that I’m going to chip away at that list rather than waiting for a holiday to pass them all at once. So far, I’ve passed Final Fantasy Chocobo Tales, nearly passed Final Fantasy X, gotten a lot of Donkey Kong Country done, decided Onimusha 2 isn’t worth playing, and started Mario 64.
  • Finished reading the Rurouni Kenshin manga. Excellent, excellent stuff.
  • As part of a uni assignment, I visited a social worker and interviewed him about the agency he worked at. He deals with some full on cases, and he’s always very busy, but I respect the man for doing it. And I can see what Mr Murray meant when he said that their problems would be a lot worse if it weren’t for social workers.
  • Had my first driving lesson today. Although I thought I was doing quite well, taking it slow and getting a feel for the car, turns out Bethwyn’s a formula one racer. I’m very jealous, and eager to learn some awesome driving skills so I might get my license as soon as/soon after she does. PS: Yi Qian, did you pass your driving test?

So that’s my life, I think! Quite poor now, after spending stacks of money at Oxfam and Worldvision. Lots of fights with Mum about everything. Not much more to say, really. Wonder what my next entry will be about. So anyway, how are you all doing? Email me or something, because I haven’t heard from anyone in ages. Look forward to hearing from y’all.