Eugene had a talk with me earlier. Just a few minutes ago actually.

Something along the lines of:
"You’re such an actor. The way you just act to try and impress her…"
"I don’t act to impress her."
"Oh yes you do."
"No I don’t."
"Yeah, you do. Would you really say, ‘I dropped the guitar!’?"
"No, I said ‘Shit!’ and explained to her what happened."
A whole lot of:
"You’re putting on an act for her. I really wish you would come out of this rebellious stage because it’s really starting to piss me off."
"But I don’t put on an act for her, seriously. At
least I don’t think I do. That’s the real me, you just don’t know it."
"I know you better than she does. She’s never even seen your real face."
"You have a point, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know me."
"You’re putting on an act for her."
"I’m not. It’s the real me. I think I know myself better than you do." "I’ve known you your whole life. I said the same thing."
"To who?"
"And did he know you better?"
"Well tell me then."
"I can’t, you’re not mature enough."
"Whatever, but I’m not putting on an act." Meanwhile I was playing Love Grows while we were talking.
"Are you paying attention to what I’m saying?"
"Or are you focusing on playing the guitar? Or are you just using the guitar to pretend you’re not interested in what I’m saying because you feel akward?"
"No, I’m just playing. Will you please drop it?"
"No, because you won’t."

I don’t think I do honey. Mum told me to put the phone for charging, I said I was still talking to you but Eugene wouldn’t let me leave. He protested, which was fair enough, so I went back to my room.


I don’t need to put on an act for Ivy. She will accept me no matter who I am, and I am myself with her. I am who I want to be, there’s no need to put on an act if I’m happy with who I am. Ivy will love me no matter what, there’s never any reason to, so quite simply I don’t. I wish Eugene would understand that.

Koji Hidari

Alo again! Oui, il est moi. Me! Ain’t it amazing? Yes, hello there. I’m having a ball.

First off, Mr Kosovich again. Absolutely love him. Hilarious man, without trying to be. Listen to this. He was talking about looking after Mrs Bailey, student secretary basically, in charge of all the little things students have to worry about, like lost property and being late for school.
"She has to look after twelve-hundred boy’s little… thingies!" And I immediately bit my lip and forced my head down in my arms laughing hysterically. A few other people did, but tried not to. Ahhh probably a "Had to be there" situation. Nevermind, great man Mr Kosovich, great man.

Dunno if I told you, but the swimming carnival was on Wednesday. Period 1 and 2. I might have been okay doing a lap or two of freestyle, but if you’re going to make me embarrass myself in front of the whole school, I’m not going. Period 3 you ask? Too bad, pretend you asked. Waterpolo for PE. Fat chance of getting me to go to school. Anyway, I stayed at home, and as a result, we won the carnival and Mr Kosovich gave us all chocolate, and we get ice creams some time next week. I did it for the team, I have no regrets. Go Team Kos!

Finally, shurikens are known more commonly as ninja stars. Jack, James Stevens and I were playing darts with a bunch of magnets we got from school. Just throwing them on the locker at a certain point and hoping they stick. That was fun, just ditching them at the little marks for the numbers. Being the potentially tryhard, cool and sometimes idiotic guy I am, I got all three of the magnets in my hand, each corner of the diamond locked in my fist, and threw them all at once at the lockers. Each one hit each of the numbers perfectly on all three lockers. It was so perfect, though because I threw them straight they hit and bounced off. The ones on the left and right spun to the floor evenly, the one in the middle bounced but landed a little higher up. That, was cool. I wanna do it again =D

Anyhoo, time for bed, me go bye bye now. Buh bye~


Pete, New Year and CJ’s

Right. Ooooooooookay. I should be doing homework. Yeah I should, I will after this entry.

3 things to talk about. One, Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai to anyone reading. Ivy’s laaaaaaate she should be here, it’s 8:14. Rar, nevermind, can’t be helped. I’ll start my 3-margin-pages and if she’s not on when I’m done, I’ll SMS her. Meanwhile I’m going to use precious time to whine and complain, and rant in general.


Pete. He’s… he’s not the sensitive sort of guy. He says he is, but he also says not to me. I know it sounds like I’m shifting the blame, but I just want to clarify my innocence in the scenario, to whatever degree that’s possible. The first memory I have of Pete was him laughing in my face when I was crying. Happy memory isn’t it? Elvis had slapped me into tears (asshole,- I’ve yet to get all of my vengeance but he’s really not so bad now that he stopped calling me John Schlong) and Pete made note of it to bring it up and laugh hysterically every time he saw me.
Year 9, last year. Pete and Steve teamed up on me to tease me about everything they could find, from intelligence (or rather stupidity) to absent-mindedness, if that’s counts. I remember them calling out "WELCOME" "TO" "AUSTRALIA" "JOHN!" across science, and they were always dicks to me. Pete then sat next to me one day writing about how I’m an idiot, I retaliated and proved I was far more intelligent than he gave me credit to, and from there we got closer in an untrusting sort of friendship. He was always violent, proving his superiority, and yeah when we became closer to breaking a sort of barrier, it was either one of us (generally me) that crossed a line and prevented that. It was a defensive instinct after all the times Pete’s hurt me, we make fun of each other, I’m not entirely willing to give him the chance to hurt me more. I know I shouldn’t hold the past against him if we’re working to the future, so I’m going to give him more chances, and try myself, to be a good friend.


Issue 3. CJ’s, aka cockjocks, aka speedos, aka those underwear looking bathers guys wear. I’ve been forced into them for, wait for it… water polo. Of course the more correct term is Anti-drowning practice, but it’s really not helping much. I feel like vomitting in the pool, I can tread water for about 3 seconds and I just swallow so much water (and air with it) it leaves me feeling like I’m going to explode. It’s so horrible, my legs are absolutely exhausted, they are aching terribly and if I don’t go to bed soon I’m going to start screaming. Ouchie! Waaaaaah they hurt. Most guys in Trinity would call me weak, but I’d rather be weak and remain alive and hanging for dear life onto the edge of the pool, literally. And they expect me to swim out there and toss a ball around. Pfft.

Mr Scott says he doesn’t want to have to write that letter home saying they found me at the bottom of the pool, but apparently by training I’ll be able to swim 100m without stopping. I would like to see them try to make me do 30. No, actually I wouldn’t, that would kill me. Well… At least there’s some comfort in knowing I’m not the worst swimmer in  Year 10. Sure, Pete beat me by 5 seconds. I’m used to losing to him, but Richard hasn’t made it all the way (I might be better than him!) and Jacob Sonags sounds like he’s worse. Then again, he’s the guy who doesn’t know how to whisper (literally I think) and browsed porn on the school computers. Apparently he eats a tub of butter every day too, but I’d rather not rely on rumours. Aaanyway, Richard and I have yet to drown, I can stay above water without my hands now (even if it is for less than 3 seconds) and even if I do come out shaking and unable to think or move properly. I was too tired to stand, though I could, but it really was quite pathetic having to sit down or lean on things. Meanwhile my legs ache moooooooore and I guess I’ll just have to endure this again on Friday, and then again on Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.

Oh, if I die, make sure Ivy knows 3 things. I told Pete just in case.
1. I forgot.
2. I’ll tell you later.
3. I’m an author, and like all authors, my writing portfolio can be found in my desk.

By the way, don’t you just love The Da Vinci Code?


Ivy’s still not on, I’ll try and do some work but I’m so tired right now… Damn I hate Anti-drowning lessons. Ah well, ciao, hopefully see you later.

Other crap.

Ah, I knew I had forgotten something. Addition to the last entry.

I was walking to my locker and someone said Eugene’s name behind me. I’m very sure there’s only one Eugene in all of TC, so I turn around to see who it was and what it was about. At this point, two things happen. The very, very hot SOSE teacher walks past as I turn, and Mr Redden comes out of the Staff Toilets. First thing he sees is my eyes following her, and boom.
"Behave yourself John!" He said it as a joke but then I started babbling my excuse and he walked away chuckling. Rar. Don’t get me wrong, I mean yes, she is hot, as in give Ms Bott a very easy run for her money hot, but I generally avoid drooling at her like the rest of the school. Okay, once or twice, I confess, but I looked away after about a second. Honest, no seriously! She’s like, 28 or something. And I have Ivy~

Aaaanyways, today Pete was playing My Immortal by Evanescence in the chapel. Had he not walked up to me and clapped his hands I would have fallen asleep listening to it. He plays beautifully, I still don’t know why he refuses to take up being tutored again. I guess he doesn’t need it, but he’s amazing. I’ve come to respect over envy that. I wonder if he realises? Well if he’s reading this I reckon he might, but if not, my guess is he’ll keep playing the "I’m not trying so you never know how good or bad I really am so there’s never reason to insult me" act. Nevermind, he said he’d change his introvertion and just be himself, the real Teerapon. I wonder if that will work, it didn’t seem to have very profound effect today. He was deep in thought for alot of it though, and he cut me pretty badly in D&T. I ended up trying to slit my arm with the metal ruler, unsuccessfully (as I predicted) so I started trying to saw through my neck instead. I have no idea why, but I didn’t really want to anyway. Rar. I’ll see what happens, but for now, bedtime.

I love Ivy so much, I really wish she were here, in my arms. Nevermind, what can’t be helped must simply be accepted. Soon, that much is promised.


Life’s been great! Things are really working for me. School life has been going wonderfully, and there’s so much happening that makes me laugh.

Mr Kosovich is definitely on that list. He’s the strictest teacher in the school, absolutely hellbent on making sure we’re all men. None of this gutless wonder business, no slouching, no talking out of line, no lazing around, everyone working as a team. It makes sense, he’s the rowing teacher and I suspect a footy coach. It was so good lol, he was telling us to use our common sense, right judgement or some of crap. Oh wait, it was about being tough I think. I don’t know, um, one of his lectures. Anyway.
"Sometimes on the field you gotta tackle someone, or else they’re gonna get that goal. You don’t have time to go ‘Hang on, let me think about this’ to that bloke, you don’t have time to phone home" and here he puts on a lovey dovey face "and ask your Mum if it’s fair, talk about justice" and he goes back to a semi-stern sort of glare "No. You put, the man, down."
Makes me laugh so much every time I think of it.


Raph and Ivy were going to spank me for reasons unexplained!! This was the convo between us, and my friend Alex (who sat there and stared at the paddle by the way, and no, I didn’t get spanked in the end)


Raphaëlle says "SORRY PETE! T_T" says:
*snaps fingers and paddle appears*
Link says:
Link says:
Raphaëlle says "SORRY PETE! T_T" says:
Heheheheheh. xD
Link says:
Raphaëlle says "SORRY PETE! T_T" says:
*waves it threatnighly*
Raphaëlle says "SORRY PETE! T_T" says:
Link says:


Anyway, I can’t change the font back so quit complaining. This is my favourite font regardless, so there. Anyway, there were other things I wanted to say but it’s late, and I’m tired. Rar, Ivy’s gone to bed so I am too. G’night then, thanks for listening to me ramble again.