A quick prayer

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a prayer on my blog before, and I don’t know how well this will be received. Religion has always been a touchy issue for people, and I don’t want to put people off reading just for having a different belief system. I care about and respect your beliefs, and I am taking this opportunity to share some of mine.

Now that that’s been said, on with the blog.

I don’t usually pray, but I cannot deny that I have had powerful spiritual experiences in the past, and that in some shape or form, I believe in God. In one very powerful moment, I was kneeling in the chapel at school, desperately appealing to God to help me because I felt so hurt and alone. As I knelt there in all my sobbing vulnerability, I felt an indescribable pressure settle about my shoulders, like a shroud had been laid over me, and it filled with me with a sense of resolute calm. It may or may not be irrational, but I knew without a doubt that someone heard me, and cared about me, and was there for me. And for that reason, reluctant as I am to talk about something controversial, I wanted to share a prayer that I created.

I’ve written recently on how hard I’ve found placement lately. And it has been hard. I have known fear, terror and failure. But somehow, through it all, I have survived. And one day when I wasn’t feeling too overwhelmed, and things were going pretty well at work,  I ducked in to the prayer room to say “Thanks God”. And it went something like this.


Dear God,

Thank you for letting me borrow your strength through this hard time in my life.
Thank you for the support and help you’ve given me. I am so grateful to know that there is something bigger than me in the world, and that I can draw upon it when I at my weakest and it will sustain me.
Help me to be a greater person, so that I can share that same support and help with others;
For You, for others, and for me.