On God

As some of you may know, I’ve recently acquired an iPhone, and for the first time, have started listening to Podcasts. The podcast of my choice is Ajahn Brahm’s Friday Night Dhamma Talks. Ajahn Brahm is one of my favourite people in the world, and I admire to the heart of me his way of life and ideals about living. He has inspired the virtue and idealism in me, because he makes a difference in the world, and so can I.
Anyway, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog entry about my current religious views.
I was told that when a body dies, it loses a certain amount of weight. 22grams, or 0.0002 grams or some tiny measurement of weight. No one knows where they came from or what they are, but it happens. Someone once told me this was the soul. I propose it was energy. In my mind, all living things are filled with white energy, like the representation of God in the film "The Prince of Egypt". It is this spirit that gives things life, and when they die, it leaves their body and returns to the Source of all life. I see it as a stream of pure, white energy, constantly giving energy off to living beings throughout Earth and the universe and having that energy returned to it. This energy is what some describe as qi, and others describe as the soul or God that lives within us. Those who are sensitive to it can perceive life, they can feel it and even manipulate it. Psychics and mediums who have limited control over the energy of others.
We are all connected. All living beings share a common trait: divinity. And we must be aware of the way we connect to others, its significance and the full effects of our actions on the rest of creation. I do not know if I believe in destiny, but because it can’t be proven, I do not believe there to be a point. My philosophy is to take life as it comes, and when nothing can be done to do nothing, and when something can be done to do all you can to make a difference.
I believe God is that life stream. And that He is part of all of us. The energy does not judge, it simply is, in each living being. But it is good energy. Pure energy. Divine, loving energy. And when we do acts of love with good intentions, our spirit grows, in the most literal sense. You can see it in some people, the way they light up a room with their very presence. But for those who choose acts of harm or ill intent, their spirit diminishes, less and less and less. But so long as they live, there is a spark in them, that can always be rekindled.
The Christians believe they will go to Heaven and be with God if they die. In my mind, this is true.
The Buddhists believe they will be reborn when they die. In my mind, this is also true.
I do not know about other religions to make comment on how they fit in to my own beliefs, but this is what makes the most sense to me.

3 thoughts on “On God

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