Like a swan

Ice skating with Bronwyn/Sanyu/Craig today! I love ice skating and this trip was long-anticipated. It was freezing at first but after five minutes I couldn’t feel the cold- probably ’cause I went all numb. I played limbo (I don’t think I’ll ever beat the kids who are, like, 2 feet tall) and scarecrow (I had an amazing stack or two where I obtained some pretty mighty battlescars) and generally skated around the rink.

One of my great flaws is my competitive nature. I know it’s awful and there are more important things than a claimed victory, but I love racing people and comparing my skills/results with them. I’m working on this humbleness, but it is slow. If anyone can help me by cutting me down a notch or two at something I consider myself good at, please do. I spent a lot of time showing off today, which is a little uncharacteristic. It felt good to be good, but empty and perhaps insulting to my friends and company. I apologise to you all- please don’t think I’m a jerk! But on the plus side I did get a little more practice with my ice hockey stops- I’m not quite confident enough to use it in the heat of battle (split second direction change in scarecrow, like that dastardly red hatter) but I’m getting there. Bronwyn taught me some new tricks which I’ll have to practice- skating on one leg, going backwards (slowly but surely). It’s always a pleasure to be on the ice.

There were also some semi-cosplayers there… A lass in an Itachi Uchiha cloak and headband, and a few of her friends wearing a Naruto tracksuit, jumper and kitty ears. I wish I could be that awesome.

Thanks for coming today everyone! I’m always so exhausted after ice skating for some reason. Drained beyond description might be a good way of putting it. It’s Heroes and sleep for me, heigh ho!


One thought on “Like a swan

  1. Coco says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t comment before! Butttt I thought you’d like to know that Craig commented often while I was on the rink about how awesome you are, and how much you seemed to have improved over time. I don’t think he found it insulting at all, and I certainly didn’t. Rather, perhaps a little inspiring. ♥

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