The Lost Kingdoms

The game (on Gamecube), "Lost Kingdoms" is truly remarkable. It’s my third favourite to Zelda Ocarina of Time and Starfox Adventures. It’s like Yu-Gi-Oh, except rather than duelling in an arena, you’re on the battlefield, dodging monsters while using your card monsters to fight back, and hopefully come out the victor.
Though this may not seem like a whole lot to you, it’s been a source of concentration, and joy for the past few days, and I just thought that I’d devote an entire blog entry to my epic strugle with The Enchanter- creater of the Black Fog (and thus the monsters is brings) that shrowds my kingdom.
I’m in the last stage, as far as I can tell. I’ve defeated all the keepers of the Runestones (to which the cards draw their power from) and have used their collective power to defeat Princess Helena- "The Woman in Black" who tried to kill me from early on in the game. Her dying words were to take down the Enchanter, for that was her task, and she needed to gather the Runestones of my kingdom to have enough power to attempt it.
Anyways, having met the God of Balance, she sent me to take down The Enchanter. I searched his castle, fighting demon after demon to collect the Stone of Darkness and hence open the first gate. Yon, my search continued as I traversed throughout the maze of teleporters, stopping to heal as I did, and continuing on. To my left, a pair of vampires (a boss from a previous level, except now there were two of them). To my right, a pair of puppet masters (yet another boss, again, doubled). Having battled desperately for my stand against the combined forces, I proved victorious after many a You Have Failed.
Having gathered what small treasure I could from them, and in turn recovering my strength, I moved on to the throne room where The Enchanter sat, waiting patiently. After exchanging small talk, and declining a marriage proposal, the duel began.
His cards were superior in strength and numbers, and he needed not the magic stones which were required to use a card. His deck seemed neverending, always replenishing without casting any spells. However, he had one disadvantage. Roughly a third of my fighting force was based on recovering lost cards and health. He had no such opportunity. Fighting desperately, healing and running, every time I would use a card (say, a Will-o-Wisp), it would be crushed instantly by the monsters three that followed me.
It was then I discovered what I was doing wrong. I was drawing the same cards, over and over, and had no chance of overthrowing mine enemy, for every time I replenished my deck, it would not let me draw new cards. I discarded my Mind Flayer’s (which restore 5-10 cards, when your deck holds 30) and started my onslaught afresh. He stood no match one I managed to get my stronger cards out- a Fire Dragon, Chimera, Stone Head, Banshee, Sand Worm… One after the other, I decimated thine enemy until he was no more.
At last, the God of Destruction revealed himself. He had been using The Enchanter, former king of the neighbouring kingdom, as a vessel for his power. Having no more use for the defeated royalty, he faced me himself. "Fool. You cannot defeat a god!" And thus the battle continued.
I realised that if I were to fight the God of Destruction, I would need to pull of some pretty spectacular moves. I quickly flicked through my cards, discarding those I had no use for. Ah, my faithful Will-o-Wisp. It had slain more monsters than any other in my deck, and its experience points were in the ten thousands. It could take down a field of monsters no problem. The God of Destruction raised his terrible fist, and a square of light surrounded my faithful card, and in a millisecond, it was no more. It was then I realised I was in trouble.
I ran behind mine foe and used the Dragon Knight to deliver a blow to its back. It focused a number of lasers on me, and I ran for dear mercy. I tried a frontal approach, trusting I could dodge the attacks as I oftentimes did. I was proven wrong. Once more, the patch of light surrounded me, and I was knocked off my feet with the blow, my health gauge flashing at 1hp of 300. I had two immediate thoughts. The first was, "I’m alive? Then perhaps I can’t die. I’m not supposed to defeat a God. I later reasoned that perhaps the myths were true, and the God of Creation really did exist, and had intervened. The second thought was simpler. Heal!
I did so immediately, using both the cards in my hand to recover to 181hp. Safe for a moment, I reflected. I dashed to my feet, but before I could escape, the lasers of his body guards focused on me, encumbering me for but a second too long. The divine beast raised his fist, and I was aware of only one more thing.
"You Have Failed."