Work stuff

Having spent two weeks off work, I’ve spent about half my waking hours thinking about work. I can categorise these thoughts into three broad types:

  1. I wonder whether anyone will want me/I’m so broken I’ll fail at anything I try. Maybe I shouldn’t leave my current job and just put up with it – it’s not great, but it’s mostly safe and familiar.
  2. I don’t want to risk rejection and hard work. I’ll just get an easy job in retail or a library.
  3. I’m really fucking good at counselling. Sure wish there was a convenient way for others to see it too, and then hire me in conditions that suit me.


These three categories also happen to be listed in order of how frequently I think them. I’d say the ratio is about 75:20:5.

One thought on “Work stuff

  1. Galaxy Girl says:

    Sending love! <3
    Having the same thoughts (freakout?) regarding teaching :-/

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