Our first home

It’s been exactly three weeks since Beth and I first got the keys to our new place. For the first time in nearly eight years of dating, we’re living together on a long-term basis. Previously we’ve had a few stints of housesitting for a couple of weeks at a time, and all of those were awesome. It’s just as fun living together now in this beautiful townhouse we’re renting, and I look forward to every moment with her. I think we’re still in that honeymoon phase where everything is exciting, especially the mundane. It gives me so much joy to turn on the washing machine we bought and installed ourselves. The vacuum cleaner (a Dyson – my God, what a beautifully functional piece of art) is a convenient pleasure to use, and I’ll happily vacuum a couple of times a week. I just bought a mop, a beautiful one made of recycled-plastic, and it gives me so much happiness to see it in the corner of the house. It’s just so awesome being able to say “See that mop? It’s ours. We bought it.” I think part of the excitement is because all of this is mundane; I feel so happy that we’re having these ordinary experiences that only come to people who live in a house of their own. (Well, I say it like we own the place but it does feel like that most of the time.)

In truth, I’ve never felt more at home anywhere than in this beautiful den Bethwyn and I have worked so hard to create. (It’s mainly her doing, truth be told.) The lanterns running along the stairs, the salt lamp by the coffee table and the comfortable nook under the stairs make for a very cosy entertainment area. The dining table is small but suits our needs as an mail, oracle card, crystal and incense holder (with the very occasional meal eaten there second). Our kitchen has a shiny new induction stove-top, which has had challenges and adventures of its own, all of which bring me great joy. Upstairs, the feeling is very different; it is light and air. There is so much space (enough to make my sword stand feel like it really is being displayed, not just shoved in a corner), and I love that we’re able to fit both of our computer desks in the study. (When we’re typing, our cherry blue and cherry brown mechanical keyboards really do sound like a beautiful clackophony! “Click-click-clack-clack!”) We bought a new shower curtain for the bathroom and the counter is almost completely clear with all of our stuff being stored in containers we bought and built ourselves.

So much work has gone into making this house a home, and it couldn’t be more perfect. I hope we live here for a long time, and when Beth and I buy a place, it has the same spirit as this one. Such happy days abound <3

One thought on “Our first home

  1. Skye says:

    It’s delightful to hear you and Beth are settled in your new home! I’m so happy for both you :) it really is wonderful when joy makes the little, mundane things special, and gives you a new appreciation for each day. (love to you both!!)

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