My Islands of Personality

Having watched Inside Out twice now (once with Beth and once for work), I’ve realised there a few concepts in the movie that I disagree with. Foremost, I disagree with the idea that our emotions completely govern our actions and that we have no reason or choice to act out of accordance with them. Secondly I think that the five emotions they chose were not a complete spectrum, even for an 11-year-old girl. Thirdly I didn’t like the idea that you could only feel one emotion at a time. I am heartened that by the end of the film she had memories mixing tinges of two emotions simultaneously.

When I was watching it the second time, I started wondering what sort of islands of personality I might have. I’m probably missing a few here, though it was pretty fun to think about. In no particular order, I think mine would include:

  • Martial Arts Island
  • Video Game Island
  • Language Island
  • Romantic Love Island
  • Gentleman Island
  • Heartsong Island
  • Japan Island(s)
  • Eros Island (which is a little embarrassing to admit, though my sexuality is an important part of me)
  • Introvert Island (where I spend time alone, recharging)
  • Dreamer Island (where the big thoughts and feelings are)

That’s all I can think of right now. I feel like I’m missing some big ones! For those who know me, what would you suggest I add to the list?

Writing this blog has reminded me of I was 12-years-old. I did a similar exercise where I asked myself, “Who is Xin?” My answers were along the lines of: “A warrior, a scholar, a gentleman, a mystery. He is all of me.”


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