15 things I love

I just watched this wonderful video by Hank Green talking about 15 things he really loves. He also spoke about how it was surprisingly hard to come up with, and despite being a generally authentic and honest person, he felt self-conscious about sharing those feelings. I just wanted to take a quick crack at it myself. (And also use this amazing mechanical keyboard that Bethwyn and I just bought. It’s like sex all over your fingertips all the time.)

  1. Using this mechanical keyboard. Again, the sexings, all over the fingers.
  2. Seeing an old couple hold hands in public.
  3. Seeing a gay couple hold hands in public.
  4. Getting the essence of a martial art technique and then just nailing it.
  5. Running so free that it feels like I’m cutting through the air and that I can go forever and nothing can hold me back.
  6. Helping someone smile by doing something kind for them.
  7. Cuddling in a warm bed on a cold morning.
  8. Having someone trust me enough to open up to me and be vulnerable and maybe scared by oh so authentic, and then me saying to them “It’s okay, I hear your fear, I see your vulnerability, and I think you’re okay. I love you.”
  9. At the end of Inheritance where all the loose ends are tied up over like 130 pages of dénouement.
  10. Constructing a really clever or eloquent sentence, or many such sentences, and then sharing them with other people.
  11. Good food in good company.
  12. Laughing at the top of my voice because I’m so happy I have to let the joy out.
  13. Forgiving someone who has done me wrong. That shit’s cathartic.
  14. Doing something (meditation, affirmations, mindfulness) that reminds me there is a deep well of peace within me that I can access at any time.
  15. Sharing my heartsong with people who don’t mind me singing.

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