10 Questions to Help You Figure Out Who You Are Right Now

A wonderful reminder that we change from moment to moment, and being ourselves (whoever we are right now) is never wrong.

Kiriko Kikuchi

Photo By Danka Peter via Unsplash.com

Photo by Danka Peter via Unsplash

  1. Do I want to see others, or would I rather be alone at this very moment?
  2. Am I attracted to high energy situations and people, or do I prefer calm?
  3. Do I predominantly think warm, accepting thoughts when I look in the mirror, or do I quickly find something I don’t like or that needs fixing?
  4. Do I want to rest or do I want to do something?
  5. Do I feel too busy or do I feel bored? Or both?
  6. Does stretching feel good or does it feel uncomfortable?
  7. Does my digestion function well most of the time, or do I frequently have digestive problems?
  8. Does learning feel good, or do I avoid situations that require me to learn? Why?
  9. Who am I having strong reactions to? Why?
  10. What am I obsessed with? What is repeatedly distracting me? Is this worth focusing on in…

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