Xin’s Weald

My dear reader/s,


I’ve made the decision to change the name of my blog. For many years (eight, to be precise, long before blogging was cool) this blog has been known as “Xin’s Domain”. In hindsight, I called it so because fourteen-year-old me dreamed of claiming a virtual space on the interwebs where he could be an all-powerful ruler, totally secure and in control of his dominion. I suddenly realised that I’m no longer driven by the same things I once was, and it was time to break the pattern.


Weald is an old British word describing rolling hills or untamed forest. To me it conjures up the smell of rain on autumn leaves in the mountains of the Peak District. It’s pronounced like the word “wield”, as in to arm oneself, and sounds vaguely like “world”, a reasonable synonym for “domain”. Even so, I’m not sure quite how I feel about the new title, but I hope it will grow on me like so much bracken. (Xin’s Brake, I’ll have you know, was also considered. Along with Xin’s Bush, and Xin’s Wood, both of which make me crack up laughing.)


Well, I’m vaguely delirious from this flu which has been wearing me down the past few days so I’ll try and stop my brambling. (Uhuhu forgive me, I couldn’t resist.) If all goes well with the new title, I will likely change my domain name to “xinsweald” as well – shortly after choosing “xinsempai”, I learned that one never refers to oneself with one’s honorific. How uncultured, even uncultivated I am. (Rather like a weald, wouldn’t you say?)


May all your groves be sacred.




2 thoughts on “Xin’s Weald

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