Quick update

Lyota’s doing great! He spent the first day wedged in the gap between the heater and the glass, and I was really worried he was cold. After some experimentation turning the filter on and off, I discovered that the filter they provided is too powerful for a 9L tank and was basically pushing him around, creating a current which he constantly had to fight. Poor guy was being worn down from the effort, so I took it out. It seems strange they provided such a filter for a tank that size – I thought Aqua One would have known better! I’ll have to keep on top of the ammonia, NO2 and NO3 levels to make sure he’s okay without it, but he seems much happier now. I also upgraded his food, but he doesn’t seem to realise that he can eat it while it’s floating. Apparently betta’s can be fussy and take a few days to adjust, so perhaps tomorrow (day 3) he’ll start eating.

I started my full-time placement at Swan District Hospital in Midland today. I don’t really want to think about it because of all the brainpower that’s required. Without getting too much into it, I met a lot of people and learned a lot about a new organisation and environment. I really enjoyed it and I love the team, and when my brain isn’t too overloaded, I’m sure I’ll happily work there. My anxiety has come up a few times throughout the day, seizing me with a sudden panic whenever I’ve thought about an uncertain future of work, but I’ve said my lines and walked along side it, and I seem to be managing okay. I’m certainly not panicking as much about whether or not I’m cut out for social work as I expected, which says to me I’ve grown at least a little.

I’ve learned my first black belt kata in karate. It’s shisochin, and Steve was kind enough to say that it looks good. I’m not really sure how I’ve changed over the past two years of training – I still apply myself just as hard I think, but I seem to be getting better and better over time. I find it puzzling – I’m not really changing the way I do things, but I seem to be improving nonetheless. I dunno, it perplexes me. I guess I’m fortunate enough to have a school where practicing the right thing over and over leads to growth, not maintenance.

That’s about it right now. Gotta get up early for work tomorrow! Really looking forward to some gaming with Craig-kun later in the week.

Oh! And Japan! I’m going to Japan in February with Beth and Mr Craig! Our main destinations are Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto, with day-trips to Iga and Hiroshima. Does anyone reading have any suggestions for what to see and do? Japan has been a life-long dream of mine – I often fantasised about growing up as a samurai or ninja. I’m starting to reconsider my enthusiasm for training there (after hearing about new students being beaten up) but I’m still stoked to see it.

That’s it! Sleepy times now! Night guys.

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