A Person of Substance

Apologies for the sloppiness of my recent blogposts. In truth, I could just try self-editing, or wait until I’m feeling energetic and fully-present before writing, rather than staring bleary-eyed at the screen and trying to remember how to spell simple words. It seems that life has become busy once more, and it is my constant challenge to be fully present and enjoy it.


Anyway, I’ve been ruminating a little on the nature of authenticity versus showmanship. Let me describe two people.

Person A cloaks himself in majesty and mystery. He is unknowable, fascinating, and glamorous. But he is insubstantial. Like an magician performing the same act over and over, no matter how incredible the first time, when you spend enough time watching it to realise how it actually works, it loses its magic. The magician’s only hope in keeping himself surrounded by an audience is to constantly promise new magic and give tastes of treasures yet to come.

Person B wastes no time on cheap tricks and is not especially popular (in terms of being surrounded by admirers and audience). But she has a few close friends who know her and respect her for who she is. She tries earnestly every day to improve herself, not just her appearance, and is genuine in all things, with all people. And, while Person A plateaus, Person B continues to grow, becoming deeper, richer and more substantial.


Person A is the kind of person you become infatuated with.

Person B is the kind of person you fall in love with.


It is my inspiration to be a person of substance in life. To truly cultivate gong fu, achievements wrought through diligent effort.


One thought on “A Person of Substance

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Person B is much more demanding of time,effort and energy, but it is very worthwhile.
    This is a good realisation to have.

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