Keep It Tame, by the Young and Well CRC

I assume that most of my friends, particularly those that read this blog, are kind, respectful and generally good people on the internet. But the same is not true of everyone. The Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre has just launched an online project to spread the message of respect across the internet. Perhaps you know someone who needs to read/hear/see this message, too? As a special favour to me, please share this video on facebook or twitter or your blogs, or anywhere that the internet at large can see it. This is a message that I consider more and more important as more and more young people gain access to the anonymous land of InterNet. Cyberbullying is an issue close to my heart, and I hope that this is one way to reduce its occurrence across the world.



One thought on “Keep It Tame, by the Young and Well CRC

  1. […] by talking with other young people. I helped with the final feedback stages of the projects Keep it Tame, and the very amazing @ppreciate (which you might like to think of a Facebook filled with […]

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