Videos and photos from gashuku

Here are some photos and videos from the Academy’s most recent gashuku! Really great times all round!


I don’t really know what anyone’s saying, but the gist of the conversation was around how there was no way we’d make it up that cliff. I find it hilarious that Rob claimed dibs on my rations if I died.

Kancho had talked to professional rock climbers who wouldn’t go near these cliffs because of how unstable they were. But sempai-Lewis grabbed his pack, two sticks and extra rope and scaled the bastards anyway. It was a very Lewis thing to do.

The wind was so strong it nearly blew us off the peak. At one point, I couldn’t help but call out “It’s Saruman! He’s trying to bring down the mountain!!”

A very shaky performance with some forgotten moves and missing techniques. I’ve yet to perform a perfect iteration of the form on a mountain top- guess I’ll have to keep climbing mountains until I get it right!

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