Tao Te Ching, verses 74 and 75

To my friends, who fear the changing nature of life and the possibility of death.

Verse 74 [my interpretation]

Once you accept that all things change,
you can realise there is nothing you need to hold on to.
When you are not afraid of dying,
there is nothing you cannot achieve.

There has always been a lord of death.
Anyone who supposes themselves able to play the lord of death
is like an amateur who uses the tools of a master carpenter;
they are sure to cut their own hands.
(Death is an inevitable part of life. You cannot have one without the other.)


This goes out to my friends who have difficulty letting go of controlling others. I include myself among this number, and will strive to relinquish my opinion of “the right way” people “should” act.


Verse 75 [my interpretation]

When the taxes are too high,
the people suffer.
When the rulers are too controlling,
the followers lose faith in the leaders.

Let every action you do benefit others;
trust others to perfectly express the Tao,
and to do what they need to do
exactly when they need to do it.

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