Tao Te Ching: (a section of) Verse 3

Hi guys, just a quick one today. While I deconstructed the third verse in full, there are only three lines that I want to share today…

Verse 3 [a section of the original]

Practice not doing….
When action is pure and selfless,
everything settles into its own perfect place.

Verse 3 [my interpretation] 

Not every situation calls for action;
sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.
By living a life of virtuous intent
everything will be okay (even if it doesn’t turn out how you expected it to be).
Be the best you can be, and trust in the Tao;
it’s been guiding the universe for longer than you can comprehend.
You don’t need to impose your petty desires on it and expect it to oblige.
Like a mother of infinite wisdom caring for an egotistic child,
the Tao has always taken care of you, provided what you needed.
It will always take care of you and provide you what you need.
Live your life fully,
and have faith in the plans of the universe.


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