Achievement unlocked

I have been trying, with varying levels of success, to spend some time every morning doing taiji, reading The Art of Happiness, and spending some quiet time in mediation. This morning, the Dalai Lama advised that arrogant people who are obsessed with their own achievements (real or perceived) should spend some time reflecting on their problems, and that people who are feeling overwhelmed and worthless should spend some time reflecting on their achievements. Realising that I often feel overwhelmed and like my life is not worthwhile, I decided to ruminate on some of the things I have accomplished which I am proud of. I found that it was easier the longer I did it, and it is by no means an exhaustive list. Let’s see now…

Some of my achievements:

I got into tertiary education and have achieved consistently high grades.
I earned one black belt and four brown belts across the martial arts I have studied.
I was in the top 1% for the STAT test in 2007 (a basic English test).
I have supported World Vision, Oxfam, UNESCO, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, GetUp, Generation One, Avaaz(?), and dozens of other charity organisations since I was a child.
I have loved so much I have inspired.
I have taken the time to learn about Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity, and have earnestly prayed, reflected and meditated.
I won the Super Smash Bros. tournament at Wai-con in 2007.
At almost every grading I have ever been to, I have skipped grades.
I have carried things for strangers because they looked like they needed help.
I have studied Bushido since 2010.
I am a senior student in Mugai Ryu Iaido.
I have volunteered for Eddie Rice Camps for Kids, and been told that I’m actually cool by a bad-ass ten-year-old boy.
I have worked on being a good person all my life.
I have passed all the Mortal Kombat (2011) Test Your Might challenges.
I have almost always kept my word.
I very nearly 100%’d Jetpack.
I actually passed an Elder Scrolls game (Oblivion).
I have done 29 pushups on my knuckles (and counting).
I am at a healthy weight, and I am proud of my body.
I once stunned a fly that landed on my friend’s chest by punching it hard enough to make it pass out, but light enough to avoid smearing it on his shirt.
I have spent hours practicing shomenuchi.
I’m not sure if this counts as an achievement, but I have the best girlfriend that ever was.
I sleep at least eight hours almost every night.
I’m a fricking vegan. Yeah, that’s right.
I can/could recall Pi to 50 digits.
I hugged trees in primary school, because no one else cared about being their friends.
I can cook my own meals, and they’re almost always pretty good.
I was the only one with the heart to admit that they wrote poetry in high school.
I refused to eat at a restaurant where they charged ~$3 for a glass of water and ~$12 for appetisers, even though someone else was paying for it.
I oppose the domination of women by men. In fact, I oppose the domination of anyone by anyone.
I am about as naive as your standard ten-year-old.
When last I checked, I could type 140 words a minute.
I can do basic calculations in my head faster than most people can type them out on a calculator.
I (often but not always) care more about the state of the world more than I care about convenience.
I have forgiven the most cruel of acts and hurtful of people.
I have chosen optimism over pessimism.
I jumped off a first story balcony without being hurt.
I have a natural affinity for almost every weapon I have ever picked up.
I chose to study social work in order to help people and make a difference in the world.
I scored higher than average in the reflex test at Madame Tussaud’s in London.
I know two forms of taiji quite well.
I care about people’s opinions and respect what they have to say.
/list for now.

2 thoughts on “Achievement unlocked

  1. You are amazing.

    You have inspired me to attempt a list of my own.

    I love you. <3

  2. vel'ithya says:

    This is an amazing list of achievements Xin-san! :)

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