So there are about thirteen hours until my flight leaves. In this time I would really like to pack my bags, start and finish this assignment and finalise travel details. I would also like to go to Mugai Ryu and the basic hand-to-hand class preceding it, as well as the journalling and sword cleaning that follows it, but I acknowledge that this six hour chunk of time is a little too much to spare right now.


I’m tired. I’m stressed, too. I’m not entirely sure how I got to this stage- in my mind, I was packed yesterday and had the itinerary sorted almost a week ago, but here I am scrambling to make all the pieces fit in time. I guess the my main undoing was assuming I could plan an entire holiday in three, maybe five hours tops. In reality it’s been about six hours a day for the past five or six days, just trying to pick cheap but comfortable/safe hotels, finding things I want to do and planning the train, bus and coaches to get there and back in time for the events or nightfall, as well as the millions of last-minute things that I hadn’t considered, like finding a working camera or gluing my headphones back together.


Maybe I’ll nap. Or maybe I’ll just get started on that assignment, and address packing later. I was going to write more about the holiday, but just sitting here in this room at this computer again is stressful and exhausting. I haven’t the heart to think about the future when I’m struggling to be ready by tonight. Mmf. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end. Ttyl.


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