The way of achieving through doing nothing

Just thought I’d mention quickly, my mother was mistaken when she said she would be able to support my unemployment as I took a semester off, which is fine. Having addressed the misunderstanding, I’m okay to get a job in the near future, but not before I spend more time getting to know myself.

Also, randomly, I’ve been training at the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts (, or their more updated website, It is (physically at least) the most excellent dojo I have ever seen. It has mirrors, boxing bags, focus pads (which also double as makiwara), ropes for a wide variety of exercises, shields, sparring gear, heaters and fans, a muk yang jong (or wooden dummy, used in wing chun), a Body Opponent Bag (a soft, humanoid punching/kicking stand), weights, balance boards, yoga mats, skipping ropes, chi -shi (traditional Japanese weights) among other things. Its flaws include not being square and having wooden (instead of tatami) floors, but these are negligible juxtaposed with its boons. As well as teaching the comprehensive hybrid art of Wu-Wei Dao (whose philosophy is difficult to describe in English, but is along the lines of achieving through effortlessness, or nothingness), Shihan Dan teaches a unique form of taiji and other internal arts. The instructors at the club are ridiculously experienced and skilled, with tremendous knowledge, strength and spirit. The students are mostly highly skilled with great attitudes, and it’s been wonderfully refreshing to see that there is so much I don’t yet know. Apart from the expenses of yet another martial endeavour, I am tremendously happy and grateful to be training in such an amazing space, with such amazing people. I have a grading coming up in two weeks to see what rank I will hold in the club- while I was a brown belt (2nd kyu) in shinto-ryu karate, Wu-wei dao is much more thorough in its grading criteria, and it’s very probable I’ll be bumped down to 6th kyu or so. Regardless of what rank I end up getting, I’ll keep training there as long as I keep learning.

That’s all for now! Sorry for the overload of martial jargon. I rather recently realised that the vast majority of my Japanese vocabulary is either about where to hit someone or how to hit them. I think that says a lot about me.

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