Curious mountaineering

To my utter surprise, my mother told me this morning that I shouldn’t get a job while I take next semester off.


It’s a little hard to express how unexpected this was. From everything I’ve observed about my mother, she feels I should always be being productive, always be working or studying in order to work. I should have a high, reliable income and lots of social status and respect wherever possible. When I told her I wanted to take next semester off, I expected more resistance than I got. I told her how I’ve been feeling and why it was so important to me, and she supported me. Abaaah?

She’s retiring at the end of the year and doesn’t know how she’ll keep supporting me, so I was feeling a lot of pressure to find work in order to survive. The Hero Base is looming (in a non-ominous way. A nominous way, you might say) which would require a consistent stream of income, but Mum has agreed to support me until I finish my degree, even if that means paying much of my rent for me. Naturally I’ll do my best to get a job once placement is over (or maybe even while I’m on placement, though working extra in addition to 40 hours of unpaid work a week for four months isn’t very appealing), but it was a tremendously beautiful gesture of her, for which I am very grateful. I wish now I could refund the expenses of this upcoming holiday, but the tickets are booked etc. etc. My life, apart from the very small stain of study requirements (which are actually more enjoyable than I’m giving them credit) is looking very much up. How did all this happen?


One thought on “Curious mountaineering

  1. That is a wonderful gift! Enjoy it and make the most of it – you will be in a position to return the gift in kind later. There’s a cycle involved here. *loves*

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