So I have this radical idea.

I’m going to Egypt, England and Scotland in October with my brother. It was kind of a spontaneous idea, and I was strongly against spending so much money with (hopeful) Hero Base Project about to become a huge investment in my life, but for arguments I can no longer remember, I got very much sucked in to the wonders of a holiday. Financially it’s all covered because Mum wants me to go out and see the world, to adventure and have a good time while I’m still young. A small part of me is sad that my mother thinks I don’t get out enough, but a much bigger part of me is absolutely stoked at a free holiday. I’ll post more about my adventures once I’ve gone on them, but I got thinking: what does one do on a holiday when one isn’t touring and seeing exciting, touristy things? For example, if you visit a country for three months and money isn’t an issue, how do you pass the time?

My solution: having a good time doing not very much at all. I think it would be a waste of a holiday to have to-do lists and emails and assignments and whatever else it is people don’t like doing but have to do anyway during their daily lives. Holidays seem to be socially acceptable excuses to get away from all the things they don’t like for extended periods of time and just enjoy being alive. And the term “socially acceptable” is important to me, for reasons I’ll explain momentarily.

My radical idea is thus: I’m going to take a holiday in Perth, Western Australia. More specifically, I’m going to take a holiday in my house. No, it’s not exotic, or particularly far, but I’d like to just spend some time enjoying life, not worrying about work, or study or things I don’t want to do. Since I’m in the area, I’ll catch up with some of my friends here. I’ll go to events that I don’t want to miss, and pass up on the things I do. I’ll enjoy having some time off for R&R, drink a few cocktails, read a few books. And when my holiday is over, I’ll be nicely refreshed and ready to get back into living.

An alternate way of looking at this might be described as being unemployed for months and not doing anything with my life. But when you add the magical word “holiday”, it’s all acceptable, with the bonus of free accommodation. I guess my point is that there should be nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy living rather than having to be “productive”. And that’s an idea that I’m slowly getting used to, and I felt I needed to justify it. But I still like the idea of holidaying- I just don’t think it’s necessary to travel to another city or country to enjoy the experience.


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