Just taking a moment to complain. I probably shouldn’t, but  I feel like whinging in a non-intrusive manner.

Probably shouldn’t have played The Last Stand: Union City when I woke up this morning. Fiercely addictive for the first hour and a half or so, but like almost every survival flash game I’ve played, once I figured out the formula it was ridiculously easy. Even the pro mode wouldn’t have been any challenge- I had an overabundance of strong weapons, health items, food and rest, and was well on my way to completing all the achievements. But for what purpose? Pleasure, originally! A worthy goal in my present eyes. But after a while, playing just for the sake of passing the game, which would have had reasonable purpose. And then once it no longer proved a challenge, nor held any enjoyment, I finally stopped playing, some three hours later. Well, there goes my chance to study before class!

I should probably stop playing flash-based internet games. They have their own qualities which make them appealing, but they’re generally very weak games and are easy to manipulate. Yeah, okay, flash games are fun but ultimately hollow. Will stop playing them where possible, just like MMO’s.


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