Haiku and the arts

I’ve started doing a unit at uni called The Arts in Counselling. To be honest, I was under the impression it would delve deep into the arts of counselling, learning different techniques, approaches and theories of how to be an excellent counsellor. I was mistaken. It’s about involving art, of many kinds, into your practice; drawing, dancing, writing, walking, meditating, tai chi, nature etc. It’s different from what I expected, but very interesting.

One of the activities we did yesterday was sit down somewhere outside for half an hour and list the pleasurable sensations we were experiencing in terms of our five ‘official’ senses (we have more than five for sure). I sat down at my usual spot at the Japanese garden and really took the time to look for beauty. I found that the closer I looked, the more there was to see, and all of it was really very amazing. The world is full of amazement. And nature is many times more beautiful than the things humankind has crafted.

When we got back to class, we looked at some haiku and composed one of our own regarding our experiences. As I understand it, a haiku tries to perfectly capture an experience, often with nature, following the principle of comparison, contrast or association. I tried to describe water flowing from one level of the pond into the next, then trickling, then dripping on a surface that was both clear as glass and reflective as a mirror. It’s very difficult to describe what I saw and how I felt about it with any length of words, so I’ll let my haiku say the rest.


water trickles down
like raindrops on a window
mirroring the world


It seems simple now, but it takes an awful lot of work to find the perfect phrase, the perfect word, the perfect combination of syllables to capture something in your heart. I think I came pretty close! Well, off to uni for another day of art. Ja!


One thought on “Haiku and the arts

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