Bob and Jane part 2

It occurred to me recently that you few who read might want to know what’s happened since the day the knife was pulled. I don’t think any story has an end- all stories have legacies, they continue on even after those involved have passed away. So I expect that this story is one that can only be so up-to-date, and it’s liable to change again in the future. But for now, everything is okay.


I haven’t seen Bob again since it happened. Another worker at PICYS, however, continued to work with both him and Jane. They settled their differences and united overnight to see their child the next morning. They made up, and although tenuous, it seemed like things might move forward.

About a week later there was a report that Jane and another young person who was visiting needed to be taken to hospital. They had received something of a beating, including syringe wounds. Bob was calmed and made to leave, and Jane and the other young person spent the day with a worker debriefing and filing reports. Bob was intercepted a few days later and arrested by the police. He is being held in remand until he appears in court to be trialled.


It’s not a pretty scenario. It doesn’t necessarily end well. But for a few days at least, Bob isn’t a threat to Jane or anyone else as far as I know. There are still concerns and precautions that need to be taken, but for the moment everyone is doing all right. Change is happening. Whether this will return to a cycle of violence, or be a catalyst for transformation is yet undetermined, but there is potential for it to go both ways.


It’s an awful thing that’s happened. That’s happening. That may yet happen. But I don’t blame Bob solely for his actions. Certainly he is responsible, but I recognise the influence of violence throughout his life, his most persistent teacher. It doesn’t make it right by any stretch of the imagination, but I can understand how he came to be such a person. I wish there was a way all parents could love their children peacefully, but I guess I’m doing all I can meanwhile.


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