Malaysia was truly a wonderful experience. Again, I really didn’t expect to enjoy it very much because previous trips have involved sitting down quietly while everyone around me talks in Mandarin or Teochiew (sp?!) around me, but something was different this year. Notably I started learning bits and pieces of Mandarin so that I wasn’t completely in the dark, but I think I was treated differently as well. First of all the kids played with me and opened their hearts to me so I was welcome among them (for the most part). But the adults included me as well, talking with me and me talking with them. Everyone was open and friendly, and it was so excellent to bond with family I didn’t know I liked so much. And I had a wonderful time in general as well, baking cupcakes with Caysin and Ashley, spinning out with Kenny, hiking and shopping with Weng and Yi Qian (and some really lovely conversations, How I Met Your Mother and nutrition shakes), and of course the wedding events… They were all really great, and it was so wonderful doing so much that I loved with so many people I loved.

Having been back a few days, the first and most pressing imbalance to address was my need to see Bethwyn. I’ve spent the past four days with her now, housesitting for her neighbour. It was indescribably wonderful to be with her again even after such a short time apart- I realised that I need her so much that I start to lose myself and my stable perception of the world without her- everything seems slightly different, and there’s a longing in my heart that only she can fill.

But, having well and truly sated my need to be with her, I did some training with Kaneda for the first time in a few weeks. It was awesome to get some conditioning and learn some interesting and important techniques regarding sprawling, chokeholds and knife disarms. I played a lot of Spirit Tracks, and I’m really looking forward to spending heaps of time at home over the next few days cleaning out my room and taking care of all the little jobs that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. As good as it was to see Bethwyn, I really did miss my home. Staying with her in a house of our own, walking around in underwear and leaving clothes, books and crap (as in accoutrement, not faeces) everywhere is awesome, but this is where I live. All my clothes, toiletries and belongings are here, and travelling around the past two weeks has been adventurous and wonderful, but nothing quite beats being at home.

And for the record, I now have a renewed appreciation for the importance of getting dressed in the morning. As entertaining as it is spending the day in your pyjamas because you don’t need to go anywhere, it also carries with it the listless feeling like you’re not doing anything throughout the whole day. It’s not much harder to put on shorts and a tee shirt, but the feeling is completely different. That tiny ritual of going from resting to actively living is so important.

So to finish off, here’s a brief list of the areas of my life which are a little imbalanced.

  • Exercise (good to get a little, need to get a lot more)
  • Sleep (It’s nearly 2am man, get some rest you idiot)
  • Family (really, really need to spend some time with them. Quality time.)
  • Nutrition (less unhealthy snacks (aiming for one a day), more fruit, more green stuff)
  • Miscellaneous jobs (they’re building up…)
  • The Sword (I need to spend time relearning my sword, inside and out.)

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