My first ever balance check

After talking to my dear cousin Yi Qian for some tonight, I realised that almost everything she does it striving towards a greater sense of balance in her life. She honours each part of her, including her family, her friends, and the many dimensions of herself, and does her best to live heathily and righteously. Although I too strive to live well and kindly, I think I still have a lot to learn in terms of getting a greater sense of balance. It is only when you are balanced and know your roots that you are able to move an object heavier than you. So, inspired by my cousin, I have decided to start thinking about the areas of my life that are falling out of balance, and perhaps over time I can chart where and why I’ve been slipping. Let’s give this a try.

Areas of imbalance in my life include:

  • Food (been eating too much and too quickly. Need to slow down, eat a healthier variety of fresh and green things, and also perhaps delve into just a little bit of meat and animal products).
  • Family (not enough time has been spent actively doing things with my parents. My brother and I get along well, though not oftenly enough. At the moment, I really should spend more time with Caysin, Yi Fei and Sin Ler, and Jit Ching’s sisters who I am not entirely familiar with… And Qi Shu of course. We’ve barely spoken this holiday, and he was my most beloved Uncle for most of my life.)
  • Friendships (I have neglected too many friendships worth investing in, including Kaneda, Jack, Andy, Craig and many others.)
  • Physical (too much hard, not enough soft. I really should spend more time doing yoga and taiji. My muscles are complaining.)
  • Love (missing Bethwyn a lot, though it is healthy to take a break for a short time. I must also be careful not to overdo it when I return to Australia.)
  • Sleep (it’s 1am, and I keep taking naps during the day. Honestly John, get some rest you idiot!)

There are other areas in my life that are more balanced, but I’ll exclude them for now and just keep checks on where I’m losing the plot. Let’s see how things are another time.

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