The Most Important Meal of the Day

Whoo! First blog update of September. Yeah it’s been a while. I guess I’ve been busy living life rather than blogging about it, but I thought I’d make a quick interim (if that’s the right word) to update y’all in the four minutes I have before my shift starts.
First off, the 40-hour-famine! Because of my recent charity-crisis, having felt betrayed by World Vision, I didn’t collect any money this year. Not for them, anyway. I was given $15 by friends, which I’ll donate to Oxfam, but anyway. I’ve wanted to fast for years and years, and so I planned to do it over this weekend (a week after is was supposed to be). However, due to an unfortunate coincidence in timing, I have work at the hour I’m supposed to stop (right now, actually, as I type). So instead of gorging myself now, I’ll work the extra shift, then hit up Utopia for a freaking huge dinner with everything I’ve been craving in the past two days.

The most difficult part of the fast was the D&D game I was at last night- that table covered in junkfood of all sorts: Doritos, Kingston’s, marshmallows, ginger creams, Smith’s original, Mother, ginger ale, assorted Starbursts, pies and vegetable fingers, Pods for crying out loud… I couldn’t stop staring at the food! Some of them teased me goodnaturedly about it by exaggerating how delicious it was, and while I could have really gone for a sub on the way home, I held out proudly.

For some bizarre reason, I’ve only felt hungry twice since it started. The first time was around lunchtime the day after I stopped eating- we were walking through Carousel and all the hot food was kinda tempting. Not ravenously tempting, just mildly tempting. Like a "Yeah, I could go for some hot chips right now" sort of thing. The second was later that day at work, around 3pm where my stomach was rumbling for a few minutes straight, then promptly settled down. A little while ago I felt a kind of aching pain in my stomach, but it wasn’t really hunger. I’m still not hungry, even now. How strange.
Part of the reason for my doing this is to test my mind and test my body. When Kaneda was a teenager (14-17), he went for days without food as part of his training, surviving only on water and orange juice. I am doing similarly, although his training was much more intense, pushing him to his limits. In one such session, his grandfather had been pushing him particularly hard for three days, and his cuts became progressively worse as he became more delusional with exhaustion and hunger. At the end of the trial, before he was permitted to rest, he was instructed to make one final cut through a piece of bamboo, so he summoned all the strength he had remaining for one final blow. It was perfect. The bamboo seemed to split in the air as his blade cut through it, and as he finished the cut he wretched violently, vomiting before collapsing, holding his heavy sword off the sullied ground.
While I’m not going to push myself that hard without supervision, it is an inspiring story, and I too wonder how much I can take before I have barely the energy for one final cut.
Well, gotta go. Late for work. I’ll continue updating later. Next up: Assassin’s.

EDIT: Done! I ended up going 43 hours without eating, breaking the fast to eat a biscuit and three lollies halfway through my shift. I was just proving a point, but honestly, I didn’t need to eat that badly. I got the growling tummy around 3pm again, but that seems regular, regardless of when I last ate. I didn’t really notice any difference except being a little less energetic in the morning (though I still took Orielle for a jog- who’s Orielle you ask? Keep reading) and a little crazy due to tiredness, but I genuinely believe I could have gone another few days without noticing that much of a difference. Tell you what though, I’m feeling it now. Utopia was too far away, so we ordered pizza for dinner, and I had something like seven slices and three and a half servings of dessert, plus some fried rice, biscuits, green tea, apple juice and way-too-strong bubble tea. Normally I can eat that much comfortably and digest it off within half an hour for seconds, but it’s been like five hours and I’m still full. I think my stomach’s shrunk. An important lesson: I don’t actually need to stuff my face on principle.
I’m really glad I did it. I got to know my limits a little more, plus learned some handy tips for looking after myself when I can’t afford food, or are otherwise starving to death. Next mark: two days straight. And if I feel up to it, maybe three.


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