Drunken Snake?

Because I only just decided to actually buy a notebook myself for Mugai (rather than waiting for one to fall into my lap), this is just a brief update on the martial scene.

Last Thursday was my second Hand-to-Hand class, focussing very much on different styles from around the world based on Kaneda’s vast experiences. I got the very humbling lesson from Selena that I’m not necessarily the best or most experienced fighter in the room as she began to show me the numerous flaws in my technique. It made me realise some of my weaknesses, and I managed to overcome most of them throughout the night. More practice is needed, and more purpose in my actions. I had lots of fun learning drunken boxing take-downs (I’ve been practicing the drunken boxing fist all day, and I have no idea why!), a little Muay Thai, some street fighting and some snake-style Kung Fu too! The various animal forms of Kung Fu are absolutely beautiful. My favourite (artistically) is a toss-up between dragon and Japanese crane. I’m thinking I’m going to have to spend some years learning them, because they’re just gorgeous, and so unusually effective in their very unique styles.

Anyway, things to remember regarding Mugai…
-Kamai is a state of harmony with one’s true centre.
-When doing a rolling yokomenuchi, keep the arm unbendable, cut lower against girls, and be aware of your environment before you launch into it.
-Try blowing out a candle with the energy generated from the open palm technique.
-When maintaining chudan with one hand, keep the arm unbendable.
-Give nothing away.
-When maintaining true guard, keep the kisaki exactly where it needs to be. Think forward.
-Do for the sake of doing. The effects of your actions are secondary.
-Mushin: no-mind. No thought between action, so reactions are pure expressions without hesitation or hindrance. According to Wikipedia, "Some masters believe that mushin is the state where a person finally
understands the uselessness of techniques and becomes truly free to

And that’s it for now! Next entry I aspire to NOT BE about martial arts.


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