2nd Kyu

Just a quick note, before I drown in assignments.

I had my second grading in karate tonight, and have earned the rank of 2nd Kyu! I believe this means I am now a brown belt (how exciting!!), and am two ranks below black. I have decided that I am not interested in the belt- I wear it just for show, just to let the other people in class know that I *am* of a certain level of skill. Unfortunately, even I judge people by their belt colour before anything else. But I know in my heart that I deserve the rank I’m at- this is where I am now. And when I am ready, I will transcend it to 1st kyu. And eventually, if I continue pursuing karate, I will achieve first dan. But only when I’m ready.

Things to keep in mind for the future:

  • Form and technique is great. Intent is great.
  • Kiai could be stronger.
  • Work on getting a correct stance- not too narrow. Turn in the knee for neko-dachi.
  • Get the mindset of a karateka. Skill learnt from Taekwondo will no longer carry you through.
  • Demonstrate your power when doing kata. Don’t hold back anything, really radiate it.
  • Same goes for kumite. This is what scores.
  • Learn to spar better. Be ready to block, be prepared to feint, learn to draw attack.
  • Don’t look down during kata. Interestingly, learn to look into the ‘eyes’ of your opponent, not the point of attack

So that’s where I am! I’m thinking of taking some time off from karate. I really want to check out some of the other classes at Rebel Empire- see if I can get into stage combat and that sort of thing. I think I would be really good at it- a way of demonstrating skill in an easy-to-apply but still-so-awesome setting. Plus it’ll be fun learning to beat on each other. I’ve been thinking of getting into aikido, too. Capoeira’s still in my mind. I’d like to try kung fu, wing chun and Muay Thai in the future as well. So many things to study and not enough time to study it. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay with karate, but I’ll leave when I’m ready to learn something new.That is to say, when I reach a plateau in my understanding of what karate is and how it works. That’s not quite yet, but I’m getting there. A year and a half, I’ll stay, at the most.

Well, you idiot, it’s now almost 11. Time to get to work. Ja, everybody! Yay brown belt!


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