Another petal of the lotus

I went to the first of four Learn to Meditate classes today. Dr Lim, the presenter/teacher remembered me from the last time I visited the temple a year or two ago for a full day meditation retreat. In short, he repeated much of what I already knew, but it was truly wonderful to be in an environment designed to still the mind. The cushions, the statue, the very air was full of good will and peace. And although the meditation was brief, I stilled myself enough to realise another great truth: that all things are imperfect, and they are perfectly so. Nothing will ever be whole, or fully realised, complete or perfect. Nothing ever has been, nor ever will be. The world is in a constantly changing state of incompletion/imperfection, and it is perfect just the way it is. I cannot explain why I believe this to be true, except to say that I have seldom ever been as sure of something as I am sure of this. I believe this is what truth is- knowing to the heart of you that is must be so, even if you are unable to say why.

I also want to remind myself (next time I read this) how much I enjoy meditation. Yes it’s bothersome to settle down when I have so many other uses for my time, but it’s such a great pleasure to learn about my mind. And when there is stillness, there is bliss- everything appears sharper, sounds crisper, seems more real and more beautiful. And it is a wonderful thing to see the world like this, a truly happy experience. So find time, and really commit to the moment. After all, those who have not time for prayer and meditation have time for sickness and trouble. Pip pip!

PS: Apologies about the last entry. It seems that I really hadn’t gotten much more organised since first year. Although not quite to the point of tears, I became so stressed I couldn’t so much as go ten seconds without worrying about when I would next find time to study. I’m learning to recognise when I’m stressed, but I need to work on ways of dealing with it. Even though I try to be in the present moment, my subconscious is always worrying about the study I should be doing. I’ll have to work on letting go of this, and responsibly doing only one thing at a time.


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