It all begins again.

It’s only been a day and I already feel overwhelmed. I had only five hours of classes today (spread out from 8am-4pm) but somehow I feel swamped. I recognise that I’m stressed out, most likely because I’m trying to do too many things at once. Even though I’m not actively thinking of the future, I find it hard to relax in the present moment because there’s always this speech going on at the back of my mind planning out all the things I have to do.

I am going to resume writing to-do lists and see if that helps empty my mind onto organisable paper. Another 5 hours of classes tomorrow, this time spread out from 8am-6pm. Should give me some extra time to catch up with reading, at least. Gotta learn to let go if I’ll be happy, but I’m just so tense and coiled up, like a drowning man holding onto a liferope.

As a strange aside, I met a gentleman yesterday evening. I just left the SWSA meeting in Fremantle and decided to cross the road to Timezone to play some Guitar Hero (because I still had 43 free games left). The machine was positioned right next to Tekken 6, and as soon as I walked near it, the guy on the T6 machine called out to me and asked me to join him. He was Aboriginal, wearing a singlet and smelling strongly of alcohol. I considered it for a moment and sat down next to him to play, simply because there is no union like two strangers united by a common love (or two warriors acknowledging each other and testing the other’s strength). Unfortunately my other card was out of cash, so I had to decline. He was busy playing the 1 player mode, so I left him to it. As I fired up GH, every couple of minutes he’d call to me to watch an incredible replay- the man got so excited he was thrashing as he fought. I didn’t take my eyes off my own screen but I enjoyed watching him have a good, harmless time in my peripheral. Eventually he reached a boss and fought with such passion and fury he actually stood up and started beating the buttons on the machine. He lost one, he won one, and in an epic battle, he lost again. Swearing he got up and started pacing as the Game Over screen counted down, until in desperation he turned to me and said "Quick, give me your card!" I apologised to him, but it was too late- the counter had reached zero. He stared at the screen, paralyzed with despair, until he punched it furiously and left.

Just a story I thought I’d share.


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