Wai-con 2010

So! After two and a bit years I finally return to Wai-con and all the goodness of anime and cosplaying. It wasn’t as big a deal as it’s always been- I guess I’m getting tired of it. The hype wasn’t nearly as huge because I wasn’t psyched up about all the merchandise ready for purchasing- I’ve been more or less extremely poor since I (almost regretfully- ALMOST) left my job at Coles last month. I can’t believe it’s only been like, six weeks, but I’ve been spending far too much money I don’t have. I’m holding out for the 4th of March, which is when I first get paid for working at Curtin’s library. Anyway, with no money to spend and not much interest in the stalls (I’ve seen most of the merchandise online), all that really left was cosplay, anime, panels and gaming. I had no huge interest in watching the cosplay, and I completely forgot that anime was screening. The few panels I was interested in I forgot to go to (though Bethi and I did have the pleasure of watching an iaido/kenjutsu/aikido demonstration, with a hilarious and awesome instructor cutting a banana in half without breaking the peel and trying to use a masamune for quickdraws). The Smash Bros. tournament was interesting- hundreds of people participated so it took a FREAKING LONG time to finish, but fortunately for me I only had to wait two hours or so before getting knocked out in the second round. I played against Beth’s friend Andre twice. It turns out he’s a member of Perth’s Smash Bros. team, and proved insanely good. How much better than me I can’t say, but he beat me fair and square. I hope to track him down and challenge him again some day.

On Sunday I chose to cosplay for the first time as Himura Kenshin, from the series Rurouni Kenshin (or SamuraiX). Here I must extend my gracious thanks to Bethwyn for all the work and help she put in getting the costume and wig and the long process of styling it. I truly would have sucked without you. Overall though, I think it worked out to be quite awesome! After I got the feeling in my ears back, anyway. I wonder what I would look like with long hair? Anyway, there are a few photos (more to come) in the photo section of my blog, with Bethi cosplaying as Kikyo.

Overall, I kinda wish I had taken a more active role in pursuing the things I wanted to see- the panels I missed, the screenings I wanted to watch. But I was exhausted and sick after wearing the costume, and I now realise that Bethi was feeling the same so it’s unfair to complain about missing out when I would rather have been home anyway. For the first time, I’m not sure if I want to go back next year. It’s getting busier than ever and the stalls are much the same. The gaming always interests me, but the convention is usually expensive and not always exciting. The hype is dying on me, though we’ll see what next year has to offer! I wish I could have spent more time with certain people, but we’ll have to catch up another time. Ja everybody!

Oh! And there was one hidden gem I did purchase which I’m quite pleased with (even though it totally overblew my budget)…


One thought on “Wai-con 2010

  1. Coco says:

    Yeahhh I’m not going next year. :P

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