The War in Gielinor

In a strange turn of events, and being impecunious as I am, I have agreed to attend a war in the fictional world of Gielinor. After a bad few years with more stress and tears than happiness and joy, I’ve been put off playing MMORPG’s. But now the Wilderness Guardians, the clan my brother and I founded, faces what may be its last battle. The reputation of the Guardians has been ravaged by a stream of losses and its numbers have fallen critically. Once amongst the strongest clans in Runescape (the third, I think, at one point), the member count has fallen to 55. In a final effort, a war has been organised to boost morale and if nothing comes of it, the Guardians may disband forever. A welcome release for my brother I think, but a sad end to a grand legacy.

In this desperate strike for redemption my brother cannot partake. He will be on a plane within five minutes of the war starting, and try as he might he cannot negotiate for it to begin earlier or later, nor is he willing to fork out the cash to reschedule his flight. So instead he invests his money in me, a cheaper alternative. For $60 (originally $50, but pushed higher with my reluctance) I will take his place among the Guardians, controlling his character (whose prowess in combat far exceeds my own which I abandoned some years ago). It seems I am called upon to once again adopt the mantle of leader of the Wilderness Guardians, not as Lord Xin, but as His Lordship. And I must confess, it is a good feeling. I once commanded the force of raiders with which we purged the Wilderness of the hunters known as Player Killers, shield of the innocent and beacon of hope. A little overdramatic, but in ideal it was pure. I will return to fight among strangers to defend once and for all that which I once stood for.

I do not expect to live long- my inexperience with the ever-evolving systems of battle and tactics, weapons and armour, specials and spells will no doubt leave me an easy target. Gone are the days when one takes an R2H in hand, dons rune full plate and tries to three-hit one’s enemy. But I will fight all the same. And should it end my virtual life, I will have died in the name of the innocent.


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