Things I am grateful for

This is an exercise that isn’t done nearly enough. It’s advised to be done every day before one sleeps- to think of the good things one has done or that have happened to one, what one has learned and what one is grateful for. It’s said to bring good dreams. Now that I have a few minutes and I’m in an energetic mood, I thought I’d actively list the things that are making me happy.

  • 26 (almost entirely) happy months of being with Bethwyn. Especially the parts where I get to wake up beside her <3
  • Being the Sleep Ninja. Anytime, anywhere, for 10 hours. Usually. A good soldier, after all, sleeps whenever he gets the chance.
  • Juggling! One of the gifts Eugene brough back to me from America are world-class juggling beanbags/pins which belonged to an ex-performer.
  • The New Super Mario Brothers Wii. I didn’t expect it, but it’s actually a fantastic game (when the players get along).
  • Left 4 Dead. Also a surprising winner, there’s something amazingly satisfying about a mouse-and-keyboard first person shooter.
  • Discovering Hyper, Australia’s most awesome gaming magazine.
  • Health! My back (after injuring it after Rotness in November) is finally healing, thanks to the talented (and indeed miraculous) hands of Danny Divine. And I’m grateful I can eat anything I want and breathe properly/don’t need to struggle for my life. I’m especially grateful for being able to study the warrior arts.
  • Speaking of warrior arts, I am so grateful for the opportunity to see the Warriors of Brazil. If you think you could appreciate capoeira, Brazillian singing, dancing and some hardcore tambourinists/jazz flautists/saxophonists, go see it. Now.
  • Avatar. Still one of the most beautiful things ever created in my mind. I yearn to learn more about the Omaticaya, and indeed, the Na’vi. I’ll have to get my hands on James Cameron’s Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide.
  • Buddhism, and the teachings of the Buddha.
  • All the people I love and all the things I love doing. Thank you everyone.


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