Christmas ’09

So this Christmas was surprisingly good! I woke up yesterday and gave Mum the necklace and earrings I picked out for her. I think she liked them because she didn’t protest as much as I thought she would. I played Children of Mana and passed the game (though it was so repetetive I’m not sure it was worth the time). We all went to Charlie’s (the hospital) for Mass because Dad was in charge of music there, then headed to Spencer Village for lunch! When I got home I played Final Fantasy VIII and FINALLY (lol) defeated a Malboro in combat. Hardest enemies in the game, way harder than any boss I’ve played against yet. This allowed me to summon the Doomtrain (YES!), and I finally upgraded Squall’s gunblade to the Lion Heart. And my goodness, what a beautiful blade that is. I also travelled into the Centra Ruins and lured out the Tonberry King by killing 18 of his brethren! I felt awful, like the Collecter from Pokémon the Movie 2000 flushing out Lugia, but we’ll be good friends by the end of the game I’m sure.

Dinner with my relatives was really good. I’m still wary of some of them- they can be a little mean, or competetive, or stubborn or all of the above, but for the most part I really enjoyed the company. Alexander is getting increasingly cool by the day, and I spent most of the night with him. The kid’s a genius at chopsticks, for real. I’ve never played against anyone with such talent before, and it’s the only game we played that I lost (beside his ridiculously stupid riddles). You know? Now that I say the word riddle all these awesome ones come to mind which I WISH for the life of me I had told him last night. Ah well, next time. I also found that I really enjoyed karaoke! That was a surprise and a half. Once you get past a room full of people listening to you, it feels great holding a microphone and singing, so long as you know the song and it’s in your range. Or Alex’s, which is an incredible six octaves. Cathedral choir boy, pah. Anyway, good times, lots of fun and delicious food.

To sets of quotes to close.

Thinking up questions for a history test based on World War II which we had been studying for three months.
Jacob Brennan: … What was Adolf’s last name?

“I am Odin...”
“To him who doth vanquish me,
I grant my august powers.”
“Come hither, knight-errant, and
test thy prowess.”
“Two knights, but one victor.
The heavens shall decide.”
“Thou must use thy wits to find me.
I bid thee make haste, for time waits not.”
“Behold, thy doom is near.
Perhaps thou art not worthy.”
“The heavens hath decreed thy fate.

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