Frictional days

I’ve had a mighty fine day today! I woke up a little earlier than I would have liked because the sun was too bright to ignore. I’m starting to wish for Daylight Savings again, but just barely. I stumbled about trying to wake myself up more, had breakfast and resumed cleaning my room. The past two days have been a massive clean-fest for me: I’m going to give away most of the stuff on my shelves and in my drawers. Today I went through almost all the paperwork I’ve been keeping over the past eight years or so, and the stuff that I’m getting rid of equates to perhaps a 20cm stack of paper. It also reminded me that, somehow, my English has gone downhill since Year 10. That’s a little sad. I might start expanding my vocabulary with the help of a dictionary and

Anyway, around 9:30 I felt awake enough to make the call. I rang up Jason at Coles and told him I was resigning. I’d been a little sick with anticipation for what he would say, but he didn’t seem to care! In fact, he didn’t even seem surprised. Desultorily, he asked me why, and I told him I wanted to spend more time with my girlfriend over the holidays what with the operation. "Okay. Bye then." End of convo. I think I may have been overvaluing myself- he didn’t seem to mind in the slightest, and that’s just fine by me. I drove down, handed in my resignation and said a few more goodbyes, and left! Hopefully for good, harr harr! Ohh sweet freedom. It really is rewarding having evenings again.

After that I kept cleaning. I spent hours reorganising my room and all the paperstuffs in it, and I’m mostly done. Just a drawer and a file to go, or so. It feels so liberating, having space in my room! And I’m working harder on my single mantlepiece philosophy.

I had lunch with my parents at a Malaysian restaurant they like (yay dosai!) and came home very much stuffed to play Final Fantasy VIII. At first I tried to reach the lower levels of one of the dungeons but realised that even if I got down in one piece, the boss would rip me to shreds and I’d have to start over anyway. So I ended up Ability Point farming on Cactuar Island for much longer than I thought it would take. 20 minutes to get several hundred AP sounded good! But I stayed there for two hours, running backwards and forwards culling desert cacti.  The end result? Mega-tanky Guardian Forces whose abilities made my characters AWESOME. I haven’t tried them at full power yet, but… my goodness, I can rain hellfire down upon my enemies now. I’m quite keen to continue progressing the storyline.

Lots more cleaning and satisfaction ensued. I ate a delicious dinner (I’m really working on my mindfulness eating! Food really does taste delicious if you take the time to enjoy it) and called Bethi for a delectable dessert- she is of course sweeter than any cake. Thence I played Guitar Hero 5, working my way through the songs. I’m almost halfway through the venues now! They each take about an hour to play all the songs, but Dad walked in while I was playing Sultans of Swing and he wanted to see the songlist. He kept making requests, and I was happy he wasn’t criticising GH, and it was a kind of bonding thing, so despite my cramping wrist and blurry, lagging eyes and sore right forearm, I played on into the night. When at last we stopped, he requested I play a level of Donkey Kong or Mario and, glad we were kind of spending time together, conceded that too. So much for my early night!

All in all, a most excellent day. Good luck to Bethi with her wisdom teeth operation tomorrow. I’ll see you soon <3

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