Margaret River ’09

I got back from Margaret River today! It was strange coming home. I’m slowly coming to terms with the feeling of emptiness left in the wake of a great holiday- it really does get you down when you think about how it’s over and there’s less to look forward to in life. But that’s stupid! Good times have been had, and they should be enjoyed and celebrated. Some of the highlights of the trip included:

  • Smashing coconuts with my bare hands. That’s right, plural. Ohh how bloody my knuckles were. It was even funnier when I had to tip salt on the wounds myself.
  • Absolutely dominating a game of monopoly by manipulating everyone into giving me the properties I wanted. I’d make a shrewd business man, but I felt so bad for it and donated money to free parking as a kind of guilt-relieving charity.
  • Driving: a great pleasure, if tiring after several hours.
  • Nickers buying the exact same drinks as me. Of all the possible combinations of alcohol, we both got original Baileys Irish Cream and Midori with lemonade.
  • Another truly epic game of hide and seek.
  • Fort Awesome.
  • Bubblegum fudge, which literally made me laugh with delight.

Look forward to pictures. They will rock.


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